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  1. WOW. I just took a look at our players salary. Just going to point out a couple that stuck out for me. Let me know what you guys think. Who is worth it and who isn't. Cam Ward-$6.3- If a goalie is making that kind of coin he should be expected to carry you to the at least 8th seed in the playoffs. Ruutu & Pitkanen- $4.75-$4.5- I love Ruutu but he is not worth it. Ever since he was drafted by chicago he has been injured. Not to mention we traded Ladd for him. As far as Pitkanen goes.....well even when healthy he under achieves and is a huge liability on defense. Gleason-$4- another player I really like but give me a break. $4M. Sekera and Hainsey make $4m combined and I'll take either one of them over Gleason. Sorry Timmy And do not forget Mr. J.Staal getting $6m a year for the next 10 YEARS! For a team that never makes the playoffs why does Rutherfod always get a pass. Why did it take PItkanen being out he whole year to pull the trigger on Hainsey. He is a better player for half the price. All im saying is we can spend our money a little wiser. Now we are all out of money and got to live with what we got
  2. This is awesome....The only time I ever comment on these message boards is to talk trash about how the canes never sign anybody and never spend money. I love it. Start of the off-season we wouldn't be a playoff team, with the signings we made we are taking cup contenders
  3. B Well Boudreau is available and I think Muller might be a good choice. But don't worry fans, If JR does what he wants to do then Mo will be our coach FOREVER.
  4. Well I think everybody and their mother knows that 2nights game against the Leafs is Mo's last game for sure if he loses. If we win then it might buy him a day or two longer. Please Canes front office DON'T NOT FIRE HIM because we cant afford to pay 2 head coaches at the same time. Or at least I assume we have to buy Mo out or continue paying his contract. I mean that has to be the only reason he is still behind the bench right? I mean come on man.
  5. Hey OBXer I am not trying to TROLL/TRASH TALK. I'm sorry that you feel that way. Just frustrated with some things about the Canes. Have to vent sometimes. And I never really proofread anything I write, maybe I should. I understand Buffalo and Pittsburgh fans who come to the RBC center and take it over, but I just hate it and really wish canes fans would go out of their way to buy those tickets as early as possible. Again not trying to TROLL
  6. Does anybody else think that Eric Staal is just a little bit overrated by our fans. When you keep trying to find someone to play with him and nothing is working then maybe its him and not everybody else. Fans you can give up on our GM to make any moves. It has never happened before and it never will. $13,756,239!!!!! That is how much cap space we have and it is like that every year. Rutherford is a penny pincher who spends money on washed up players like Alexei Ponikarovsky and Tomas Kaberle. I can guarantee you we were the only team in the NHL who made an offer to those guys. Not trying to bash to hard on my team but why not trade Staal. He really is not a pure goal scorer, or really much of a playmaker. He needs players around him and we just will never do that with our GM running the show. FRUSTRATION FRUSTRATION FRUSTRATION... All these years of bad teams and we are just not bad enough to get top draft picks haha
  7. Just don't go?? HAHA Have you seen their attendance since oh well since they moved to Raleigh. Always towards the basement of the NHL. And it seems to me most Canes fans could care less about the magnitude of the game.. its more about convenience and making it a family outing. Prime example is last years final game of the season. Win and your in. When you cannot sell out a do or die game then it is pretty pathetic. Oh and last nights game with a crowd of 16,260 and at least 4,000 Pens fans on a Saturday night is terrible. DONT WORRY NOBODY GOES TO THE GAMES.
  8. 0 for 9 on the PP when your fighting for a playoff spot. That is absolutely amazing. But maybe it's not a bad thing to miss the playoffs. I have a feeling we would only be playing 4 games. Maybe hell will freeze over and the canes will sign a big name free agent. haha yeah right. Being a huge fan of the most frustrating team in the nhl is not easy. GO CANES
  9. I would love to trade Staal and actually get a real superstar who is worth 7 or 8 million a year. Unless Staal decides to step up and play like everyone thinks he can.
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