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  2. I think the requirement for 20 posts before one can start new topics is fairly asinine, but, hey, it's the Internet. Asinity reigns (actually, that's not true--it usually gets stamped out pretty quickly as long as the rules are set by the community and not some corporate overlord). I'm local, and went to a few Icecaps games back in the early 90's, but never really even knew the rules. I married a Midwestern girl, who introduced me to the Hurricanes, so now I'm a fan. We went to several games in Greensboro and bought season tickets for the inaugural RBC season. Both of us were laid off from Nortel, so that expense needed to go away, but now we're back, in section 117.
  3. Does anyone know who (what artist) recorded the cover of the Cars' "Drive" that's been played at several recent games?
  4. Last night's game was a lot of fun to watch, and winning was of course a real bonus. I'm sure there are some local transplanted fans, but am always impressed both at the number of Leafs supporters who make the trip to Raleigh, and at their polite demeanor. I'm a former Norteler, and I miss Canadians. But, the point of my post is to ask: Who sang the anthems at last night's game? (she was wearing a brace or cast on one leg, and I didn't recognize her as a regular) I thought they were both particularly good renditions, and would love to find video, although that's probably a long shot. I may try to email whoever is responsible for Canesvision, but I don't know if they respond to that sort of request. I did find a surprising number of matches to "Carolina Hurricanes anthem" on YouTube, and what I thought was a fun article: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/813972-the-8-best-national-anthem-singers-in-hockey Thanks, Heath (sorry for hijacking the thread--this is a little off the original topic--but I'm a new member and apparently am not allowed to create new topics)
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