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  1. In case anyone was wondering, I found out another song played at the game. Its called "Oh Carolina" by Shaggy. Usually this song is played after the Canes win a game....at least thats when I've heard it played.
  2. Gotta say that the new Scoreboard looked clear and AMAZING! And I could read it from the 300's too! The PK/PP clock was hard to read. From what I understand, there will be a clock on the top screens eventually. As far as the game went, I was impressed by how Erik Cole and Eric Staal played. Also Zach Boychuck showed some pretty good effort too. Can't wait for October 2nd
  3. Yep. I saw it then too! I was gonna say something about it yesterday but it looks like you beat me to it
  4. OH HAPPY DAY! If you get a chance, take a look at the RBC Webcam. The Ice is back!!!!!!
  5. Good for Frank! I hope that all goes well for him!
  6. Not sure if this was said already but.................YKYACW http://hurricanes.nhl.com/ is your homepage
  7. "I just got electrocuted"- Trip Tracy In game 4 of the playoffs vs Boston, After Eric Staal put a snap shot behind Tim Thomas......................... - look at this video and you'll hear it around 6:29
  8. If you have the NHL Network, they have a show on tomorrow called Free Agent Frenzy. I watch this every year as it keeps me up to date on where most of the free agents end up
  9. Its about 10:40 p.m. and I was just looking at the webcam. The scoreboard looks like a giant U.F.O. lol
  10. The original song is called Maniac by Michael Sembello. I'm not sure where to find the one you mentioned in the commercial. Its defintley one of my favorites. Stormy flashdancing is enough to cheer me up anyday
  11. Ahhhhh. Thanks. This explains alot..........i'm still jealous though
  12. Your so lucky! How did you get to see it? I'm so jealous
  13. I think "Storm Chasers" sounds pretty good. Thats hard to beat!
  14. Yup! I just looked at the web cam and it looks like they put the last ring on to the bottom of the four main video boards. Sweeeeeeet
  15. TOO MUCH TIME . Oh well. Your right. It does look nice. They definitely have a little ways to go until there completely done. As a matter of face, I believe they should be done with the scoreboard around June 18. Dont hold me to it though
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