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  1. I disagree, Skinner has been having a TON of unlucky breaks be it bounces or whiffs but it doesn't seem like he's not in the games. I would actually argue that he puts out the most effort of the entire bottom 9 on most nights. He just needs help on his line and I'm not sure Jordan and Ruutu are going to be the players to give him what he needs. I really haven't seen the chemistry between him and Jordan to be specific.
  2. Bright spot in this is that with Wallace (if he clears) heading to the checkers along with the players starting to trickle back, the team will start to become whole again
  3. I know that he isn't a defenseman, but I think that for the right price Ryane Clowe would be a great add for the Canes. While yes he is having a down year (maybe helping with the price), he brings a big body that plays physical and would be willing to fight his way to/in front of the net. The last part is a major issue for the Canes with only one player in the top lines (Ruutu) with a willingness to get in front often. The net presence would be a big help with our poor power play and he would make a nice fit on the 2/3rd line for the rest of the year for not much of a salary hit.
  4. If that where/is the case I'd prefer dumping it for a pick or prospect. But I can see your point
  5. Being a college student with not a ton of money this actually markes a significant impact on my ability to go to games, especially when now parking will equal the cost of the cheapest tickets
  6. I really don't like waiving Jussi right now, in a season where D Murray gets 2 2nd round picks how are we not able to get anything for Jussi? I really doubt he clears waivers which would mean we just gave away a trade piece for free
  7. In not so doom and gloom news, the Staals have decided to wear visors. Obviously this has to do with the Marc Staal injury and the Mrs Staal Trio (Mother, Wife E, Wife J) but I bet the cuts to Sangs and Gleason also played a role in their decision. Good to see they're trying to stay safe but it'll be weird to see them in the visors in games.
  8. If we do decide to call up a player I would vote for Krueger due to his experience with the WHA with Germany the past three years.
  9. Just to throw this out there the leafs seem to have a reluctance of playing Jake Gardiner and I think he could be a good add if we can get him for a reasonable price to help with the hole the loss of Faulk creates
  10. Solid move(if signed) for the checkers who need any help they can get with the injuries. It would allow more rest for muse
  11. I have a couple thoughts I wanted to share and see if people agree on. 1) I think Jussi's time here is about up. The past few seasons have seen Jussi decline pretty severly in production and now he has very little ability to finish when he has golden opportunities and I think that at 3 million a year we arent getting our moneys worth from him. Maybe when Ruutu comes back he'll find his game again but I'm not holding my breath(dont get me wrong I like the guy but it just doesnt seem to beworking out) 2) Has anyone else noticed Bowman seems to take shots from random places that have a low chance of going in? And that he has his stick straight up in the air all the time? Just random things I noticed in a few games but I wasnt really sure if its a common thing for him. 3) Skinner and Jordan Staal have had so many great chances the past few games and they keep whiffing/over passing/getting un lucky bounces. I feel like their luck HAS to turn soon, they're too good for the bad bounces to continue much longer.
  12. Personally I'm sticking with the lines i said earlier: Tlusty--E Staal--Semin Tlusty showed great chemistry with Eric and i think earned the nod to start with. Also I heard Semin prefers the RW over LW Skinner--J Staal--Ruutu Skinner and Ruutu play well together and this keeps both Staals at their natural position and making 2 scoring threats. Nodl/Dwyer--Jokinen--Larose I prefer Jussi at center and if we dont get a shut down center I think he's our best starting option Nodl/Dwyer--Brent--Stewart I left Welsh out because im not sure of how his situation will work out. I also think Bowman will make a strong case for the third line LW.
  13. The only way we get Marc is by prying him from the NYR GMs cold dead hands
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