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  1. I'm looking for tickets to the free game on Friday, October 1st. Not trying to be picky, but I'd like to get lower level seats if possible. My 4 yr old daughter asked me a few weeks ago if I would take her to a Hurricanes game this and I told her yes. I figured this would be an inexpensive way of seeing if she actually enjoys going to games or if she is bored and wants to leave. Please let me know if anyone has tickets avaialble that they aren't going to use. Thank you in advance, Keith
  2. How about Gleason and Corvo? Seems to me the guy gave up a lot to come back and play for us and he has been in the league for about 7 years (I believe).
  3. I read a rumor that the Kings want Gleason. The rumor was lsited under one of the blogs on hockeybuzz (so consider the source), but could JR actually be entertaining the idea of trading Timmy? I personally thought not resigning Legace was a mistake, but this would be worse? Has anyone else heard anything like this? Thoughts???
  4. Pogge is another one of Maurice's "pet projects". I don't think he'll ever be good enough for the NHL (hell Maurice isn't).
  5. I think this could be a mistake. Peters really could have used 1 more year to develop and with him playing in Charlotte, it would be real easy to bring him up (if needed). It also would have given the rest of our goalies in the minors another year of experience. What happens if Cam hurts his back again or is out for any length of time???? I guess we call up Murphy? Is he ready? If he isn't, we'll have to ride Peters like a rented mule (like we did with Cam and Irbe).
  6. Is the banner still available. Sorry I'm a bit late responding.
  7. Looks like TWC isn't involved. I found this on NHL.com... During Trade Deadline week, the NHL Network is offering a free preview to more than 34 million subscribers of multiple distributors in the United States, such as DIRECTV, DISH Network
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