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  1. I'm sorry, I'd rather speed up Borer and Rodney's development in the big leagues than watch Pitkanen glide around out there disinterested. There's no reason that his minutes couldn't be split up amongst the other five guys, and the extra time would help the others out: Corvo and McBain are fine as a first PP unit, and Gleason could use the added minutes to get back to the form he showed two years ago. I also agree with this:
  2. Good, other people who also think that Pitkanen's commitment level isn't where it needs to be! I was very disappointed last night, he took the lazy we out and it cost a goal. Trade him or waive him, and call up someone from Charlotte who actually wants to be out there. There's plenty of guys down there who are better defensively and who'll work hard which is what is needed... I used to respect his game, but he's become too much of a defensive liability to tolerate the his relatively minor offensive contribution. Playing 25 minutes pg is pointless if your are a minus player...
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