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  1. I just loved how Majority of you guys, and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, doubted they could make the playoffs or at give a good run. You doubted the team you blogged about, cheered for, and loved. Now everyone is back on the band wagon again! If you get pissed about the message then most likely you are the one that is two faced about your team!! Go back and look at previous posts and see how you bad mouthed the team! I understand most of you don't have Hockey sense but, that was ridiculous what I saw!! Anyway getting off the soapbox!! Just sick of Fair Weather Fans!! GO CANES!!!!
  2. OK guy's get over the O'Sullivan trade. The thing is we got Cole back the team is playing the best they have all year. We have a GREAT chance at the playofffs and all I hear is a bunch of whining and crying like school girls. If you can't see how hard Cole is working out there and how he is helping the team produce, then you are blind!!! And lastly this goes to anyone who thinks differently, If all you are going to do is ***** about what JR does and not see whats going on down on the ice and come on the forums and cry stop watching the Hurricanes! They are a great team but all I hear from most of the people on here is how they don't like this or that blah blah blah blah blah. *edit*, grab a beer, and put on the ol' Canes jersey and route them on to the playoffs! LET"S GO CANES! LET'S GO COLE!!!!!!!!
  3. Wow I have heard it all now. Blaming Cam for all the misplays of the D. Yea his glove gets soft sometimes but, the guy is like 26 yrs old and the past 2 years hasn't had a defense worth a *edit*. We need some help in the top 6 simple as that. Staal needs a linemate to compliment him!!
  4. Oh yea because what we have going on right now is working SOOOO well........Way to have that JR mentality!!!
  5. No he is someone that gets under the skin of people and gets them out of there game. He does throw hits and a cheap shot here and there. Take for instance last year when before the puck dropped Walker and him threw down. He got under Scotty skin the game before the All Star break when they beat us 4-2. He could very well be something we could use. His attitude will be different since he is on a leash by the NHL and NHLPA.
  6. Where did you find out that the negotiations fell through!!
  7. Be safe in your travels and You have my thoughts and prayers!
  8. Put a fork in us we are done!! We won't make a move and we aren't consistent enough to make a run.
  9. Holy *edit*! Are you freaking kidding me. HOW CAN STAAL TAKE OVER A GAME WHEN THERE IS NOONE ELSE ON THE ICE TO BE SCARED OF. Do you people watch Hockey?????????? Ovechkin has Green and Semin, Crosby has Malkin Staal and Sykora. Staal has ummm...... ummm..... ummm.... EX-FREAKIN-ACTLY. 05-06 Staal had a GREAT supporting cast and it allowed him to show off. The powers to be MADE STUPID moves and now we are here. To say that Staal isn't as good as Ove or Crosby is INSANE!! Please watch more than just Canes Hockey and then try to justify these stupid comments!!!
  10. And that has done us so much good on the ice. We are a bunch of pansies out there and everyone pushes us around on the ice! Just like when Zdeno Charro got in Larose's face noone did anything. Watching all the other teams play, we are definitely the softest of them all.
  11. I believe he had 51 points if I'm not mistaken. Think about what you are saying and consider the points Sergei, Corvo, and Joni had before they showed up in Raleigh. What I am getting from your posts is that a guy is going to be consistent (good or bad) no matter where he ends up. And that makes about as much sense as a football bat!
  12. I just can't understand Brindy being on the PP.....that is about as pointless as a football bat!!!
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