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  1. Congrats to Coach Muller for a great year from when he took over. We all look forward to a playoff bound year next year!
  2. I wonder why Matsumoto or Samson are not being called up to play? Anybody know? These two have more goals and assists than Bowman. Just curious.....
  3. It was good to see Staal ACT like a captain. He should have.... and he did give the ref an earful...kudos to staal acting like a captain....showed the rest of the team (and fans) something there. The only problem I've ever had with staal is his skills. I've watched him for 7 years now and as I've said time and time again is that in order for him to be successful he MUST have a good supporting cast that will feed him the puck. This is evidenced by whitney, cole and stillman. He hasn't shown and still DOES NOT have the skills to justify his 8 mil salary. Check the other players around the league that make similar salaries and see what you get for your money. With that said, staal is not going anywhere.....so the best thing at this point is to develop a line with him that can feed him the puck(internally/externally/combination...period. The rest of this year Staal needs to continue to ACT like a captain...stand up for himself AND the team and hopefully START to develop skills.
  4. His personality doesn't make it any better. He shows NO ENERGY on the ice or off the ice. I was against him being captain when the talk started and it should have gone to Gleason. Staal is NOT A LEADER. You want this guy to be the face of the team? Are you kidding me? No SKILLS, No ENERGY, No Leadership, I don't know what Rutherford was thinking...lol....this guy has ALWAYS depended upon others to make him look good. He is a very awkward human being with his physical stature as a tall, lanky guy with a long reach. If you ever watch him trying to stick-handle and bring the puck over the blue line...well....that tells you everything you need to know. $7,500,000 a year for this guy? Rutherford made a HUGE mistake.....not to mention some other off season moves that he should be questioned on.
  5. Don't forget about Samson. All this kid did last year was put up 37 goals and let the rats in points. There has to be a spot on the 3rd / 4th line for this kid. He has too much talent. He needs to get consistent NHL playing time. I could definitely see him beating out boychuck and if samsonov is dealt that would open it up even more. IMO cole is an injury skating on the ice. He will start off fairly decent but he will taper off as the season goes on. I'm still not sure that anyone would want him by the trading deadline....we'll see...too hard to tell right now. I wonder if Osala or somebody else can be converted to center the fourth line? When you put out 4 lines...that fourth line doesn't need to be a checking line. I think with a couple of young players with K-Stop doing the dirty work in the corners this could be a fairly productive 4th line. Lots of options here but let's get Samson into the roster.....he's too valuable to be in Charlotte.
  6. Wow! This is fantastic news! Corvo and Gleason, Pittkanen and the "russian concussion", Spaghetti, McBain. It will be interesting what the defensive pairings will be. (Can't really see spaghetti and Mcbain playing together) In reserve there is Harrison/possibly Carson and/or Picard. Solid Defense now...Great Job JR....just the other day "it wasn't working out to sign Corvo"......too much money. With a solid defense and the fight for forward positions....we are off to a GREAT START...wish camp started tomorrow.....This team is OFFENSIVE minded and I know there are folks that want more "defensive-minded" defensemen but the skill level of these defensemen will HELP the forwards....especially the Young forwards that make the team. Not to mention....mentoring McBain and Spaghetti. This takes the Pressure off of McBain....give him a solid season on the blueline listening to gleason and corvo and being on the third line.....way to go JR....way to go.... Start the season!
  7. It will have to be a "Cheap" defenseman....lol......or possibly a trade? (Sammy or Cole) but no one is going to get Cole I can't believe we would have Cole on the first line....IMO it would be disastrous....maybe....2nd line....maybe No way does Skinner make the NHL club (except for the 9 games) He is not used to the speed/size/toughness of opposing NHL lineups...at all. This is not Sydney Crosby
  8. I really think the forwards are going to take care of business this year. POSSIBLE Lines...... Line 1 - Jokinnen/ Staal/ Ruutu<---------Staal and Ruutu need to be healthy going into the year Line 2 - Tlusty/ Sutter/ Larose<----------Larose needs to have the year he had two years ago - For the brief time they were together-Excellent Chemistry Line 3 - Osala/Mats/Cole<----------Camp will probably decide who fills the center slot here. Dalpe? Probably Matsumoto. Look for Cole to get injured Line 4 - Samsonov/Dalpe/Samson<---------KStop will probably win out here on right wing but we gotta get Samson in this lineup somewhere? Boychuk will battle for a position but unless Samsonov is moved I don't see him beating out Tlusty or Osala. But....that's why they have camp.... Bowman comes up when Cole gets injured (Or Larose/Ruutu)
  9. Seriously....Pittkanen is one of our top two defensemen. Don't even discuss getting rid of him....lol..it's just ridiculous.....Hope there is still a quality defenseman left in september for JR to pickup. Cole and/or Sammy will probably be dealt away by December/January for who knows what....we have to see what the youth will bring us in the first 3 months.
  10. Defense, Defense, Defense.......Right now on the Depth Chart: Pittkanen/Gleason, Babchuck/McBain, Sanguinetti/Harrison. (I realize it's only July) JR-Corvo is still out there! Get us a legitimate 2nd line Defensive Player. Forwards look fine with Jerome Samson ready to take Coles spot at training camp. Defense looks very porous right now but I hope that will change when September comes. I know we're going cheap but surely we can afford Corvo who still has the leadership abilities(along with Gleason/Pittkanen) and can be an asset on the 2nd Power Play Line. We are taking a HUGE gamble if we don't fix that 2nd line defense. I could definitely see Babchuck/McBain or Sanguinetti on the THIRD line.....but Harrison needs to strictly be an alternate. Cmon JR....pony up for Corvo
  11. I hope JR is not done with the defense this year. I mean.......Sanguinetti, Carson and McBain are alright but after Pitkanen, Gleason, babchuck and maybe Picard. I've got reservations.......Obviously it's a TEAM Defense with Cam part of the equation. Cam will be fine...not even worried about that part...but the defense in front of him is going to make or break this 2010 team. I've mentioned before that Jay Harrison is NOT THE ANSWER and needs to move off in a trade. I guess our hopes are slim to none that we could sign Corvo who could give us a solid 4 defenseman. (Two puck movers and two stay at home defensemen) This guy would help provide leadership for the younger defensemen as well. Gonna be interesting this summer how this defense comes together.
  12. Good to hear the Russian Concussion is returning..but I have very little faith in Harrison on defense...gaping hole. I still see Tlusty, Sutter and Larose on a line...they looked good last year. I really think Whitney is going to be too expensive to keep (given the self-imposed cap) and unfortunately I think he'll land in tampa or florida. I'm not sure who is going to be playing with staal aside from the juice. Ruutu may end up on the third line but the draft and training camp will determine all that. Anyone hear recent news on brindamour? Is he going to retire? Haven't seen any news on that from any of the local news sources.....
  13. Looks like a good trade on paper...have to see how picard shapes up....gotta be a third line defenseman. JR will definitely package two of those 2nd round picks into a 1st rounder.....maybe with columbus or nashville who will be tight on budget...I'm just wondering if those first round picks will start next year? If Corvo goes we need to get an offense-minded defenseman just like him. Carson isn't there yet and Picard is well.....unproven. So why not try and keep him? I'm sure it will be because of his high salary....oh well....I'm sure JR has it figured out. It will be interesting to see who wants to give Whitney a 3 year deal in a trade. Can't see dropping the juice down a line especially when that line is clicking and Staal is clicking. Maybe Tilusti comes up and Sutter/Tilusti and Larose or somebody else and one of them moves to center?
  14. A good free agent pickup over the summer would be Plekanec on Montreal. The guy is consistently putting up great points and would be a good first line fit for staal and whoever else. Can't see getting him in any trade but he would be able to consistently put points up. Seems like a playmaker judging by the amount of assists he has this year. At 2.75 mil/year......there is a helluva lot of value.....something to consider....
  15. Who was wearing the number 12 jersey last night? JR made the decision and I respect his decision for the new captain. Personally I thought Gleason should be the captain but HOPEFULLY what I witnessed last night will be forthcoming on a consistent basis. No, not hat tricks every night but a consistent ability to put the puck in the net and more importantly a consistent EFFORT on game days. Staal cannot take shifts off as well as entire games off as he has done in the past. (and not due to injury either) For the franchises sake I hope he will not because it will be even more noticeable than before. So, with that being said I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and look forward to him leading this team forward. It's pretty obvious that they did this now because of the new and younger players are going to be coming in the next few weeks and they need to see the new Captain whom they will be playing with next season. I get that....you want the new guys knowing NOW who the captain is going to be going forward. Why not? According to JR Brindy had the option to veto this thing. He chose wisely as I still think he will be connected somehow to the organization....we'll probably hear something in the off season. His salary is too huge for a 4th line player. So Staal, you had a great first game and was impressive but please keep it consistent...........hope after the season Gleason will get an "A"......
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