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  1. Anyone live chatting today?! C'mon, its close to Playoff time!!!
  2. No problem!! No problem at all...I am sorry anyways tho, cause I am HUGELY superstitious myself!
  3. Half of em were doing it for that pathetic MLB team they have up in the Baltimore area...I forget their name they're so bad.... But yes, I also agree. I hope this gets read by the higher ups, and that something is done about it. Maybe a fine each time a player does it, up to, and including a suspension if it KEEPS happening. :angry:
  4. I remember the first year after the Whale moved from Hartford, to become the Canes. I went to the first Hartford Wolf Pack game, and PJ got into with somebody, then after the fight was broken up he did his "raise the roof" thing on the way to the penalty box and the place went nuts and ROARED with excitement! I hadn't heard the Hartford Civic Center that loud, since 1986! And remember that Norelco commercial he did with the Wolf Pack?? Funny as hell!!
  5. Sweet! With or without the "Carolina Hurricanes" part in it?
  6. Well, i just "spoke" with Stormy, and he said that the Canesvision guys would know...let's contact them until we get an answer guys. WE CAN DO THIS!!! Got the number too: (919) 467-7825 ask for CanesVision, and leave a message!
  7. Anyone who can help us out would be greatly appreciated...they play it starting at the beginning of the 2nd period....ANYONE KNOW??
  8. What, you don't read the reports that are out there?! Apparently there were 'several' placed in various parts underneath...
  9. I want him gone...he's 2nd WORST on the team in plus/minus! :angry: http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app?gameType=2&page=Stats&season=20082009&service=page&srt=pm' target="_blank">http://hurricanes.nhl.com/team/app?gameTyp...page&srt=pm[/post]
  10. According to NHL.com, Ray's gone already! http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=409842&navid=DL|NHL|Home' target="_blank">http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=409842&...vid=DL|NHL|Home[/post] "One major trade has already happened. Late last week, the Penguins traded Ray Whitney to the Anaheim Ducks for forward Chris Kunitz and prospect Eric Tangardi, a recent second-round pick."
  11. I'm not singling you out brotha...no worries man! Tho yesterday, I met some pretty cool fans that were Sabres fans, and very few of the *edit* kind, so it was a fun night, for sure! We're good my man.
  12. Unlike you, most of the other fans I met last night were GREAT.
  13. I just HAD to share this with the rest of y'all:
  14. The Hartford Whalers http://www.brassbonanza.com/hcc/whalers-audio/brass-bonanza God, I wish they'd play this just ONCE more at the RBC... i miss it.
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