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    canes, nygiants, yankees, boston celtics, tennis, reading civil war stories[mostly fictional] p.s Better late than never, got married in nov 2010, to the one and only Mrs D.

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  1. Everytime he went into the boards i was afraid hr would come out injury. Shame, but wish him well.
  2. Smith signs a one year deal with Edmonton.
  3. In the 3rd period, sit in front of tv with a little red heart, i know, corney..:)
  4. toronto up 2-0 , can clinch playoff spot with one point.
  5. They better keep the pizza owner out of net then.
  6. get at least a point in the burgh tomorrow.
  7. columbus 3-1 montreal 2-0
  8. Rem, you mean meaningful, right?
  9. 9th in the power rankings, not bad.
  10. Beat the evil empire, and that will propel us to the promised land!
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