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    canes, nygiants, yankees, boston celtics, tennis, reading civil war stories[mostly fictional] p.s Better late than never, got married in nov 2010, to the one and only Mrs D.

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  1. 3s company in New York, think Lundquist goes somewhere?
  2. Thoughts go out to the Haula family, very sad.
  3. Must like what you see tonight.
  4. Made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great news, now lets get some more good news with a W tonight.
  5. i like Bishops toughness, he is not afraid to go to the corners, and he had a nice goal. I think Svech scores over 30 goals this year.
  6. Sporting news had us 2nd in Metro, that may have included JW.
  7. Everytime he went into the boards i was afraid hr would come out injury. Shame, but wish him well.
  8. Smith signs a one year deal with Edmonton.
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