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    canes, nygiants, yankees, boston celtics, tennis, reading civil war stories[mostly fictional] p.s Better late than never, got married in nov 2010, to the one and only Mrs D.

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  1. Would be a big mistake to get rid of Hammy.
  2. NO way i let DOUGIE GO.
  3. Sorry cant find link now, but it was list of 5 goalies he would fit with, Canes at top of list.
  4. Read a piece of Kuemper possibly coming to Canes, maybe 2 years at 4.5 million total.. Thoughts?
  5. Are the days of [when were the days] staal being a 20 goal scorer gone?
  6. A joy to watch fleury progress...
  7. We still need big guys that can score, and work the boards, Jordan you were great defense wise, but we needed the offense. Aho was kept down, and schev loss was huge. Pesce will be back, have to make some big choices, need a elite goalie, not sure we can pull that off .We played Boston tough, they blocked alot of our scoring chances, and game 4 really did a number on us, the flood gates opened .Boston had the experience, and got alot of calls because of who they are.. Roddy was proud of his team, and so am I.
  8. 4 pm, going to be a tough road to hoe, but ya never know.
  9. go troll elsewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tampa will beat ya, halak is soft, go away..
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