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  1. Sporting news had us 2nd in Metro, that may have included JW.
  2. Everytime he went into the boards i was afraid hr would come out injury. Shame, but wish him well.
  3. Smith signs a one year deal with Edmonton.
  4. In the 3rd period, sit in front of tv with a little red heart, i know, corney..:)
  5. toronto up 2-0 , can clinch playoff spot with one point.
  6. They better keep the pizza owner out of net then.
  7. get at least a point in the burgh tomorrow.
  8. columbus 3-1 montreal 2-0
  9. Rem, you mean meaningful, right?
  10. 9th in the power rankings, not bad.
  11. Beat the evil empire, and that will propel us to the promised land!
  12. Coming down to final weekend it seems, great for the nerves.
  13. who do we root for in that b2b, pitt or bjs, god, i just KNOW its coming down to final weekend, we have worked too hard to not get in, maybe i should go back to church
  14. I think the injury as Coastal mentioned, was wearing on him, now hes healthy, and playing lights out.
  15. Watched the Columbus game, Edmonton and Drasaiti and McDavid ran the show.
  16. As a Yankee fan, i did not think the Red Sox would come back from 3-0 down to win series, so anythings possible, life is so unpredictable.
  17. Tough luck for the Canes killer. Watched game, when shot hit him, it looked like he was in alot of pain.
  18. Been a LONG time, i get goosebumps talking and seeing playoff talk. Caps just won in OT 6-5 over Rangers.
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