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  1. Yeah doubt you are going to get a response with that little tidbit. Did Waddell destroy the fan base in Atlanta? If so how?
  2. The global average was my best guess as well. Teams like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and other big cities completely ups the 75% threshold. I don't think you can even walk in to a Blackhawks game for less than $50 a ticket even if you have the cheapest season tickets.
  3. Colliefan - Hope your health improves! We miss seeing you (and your jersey that stumps most) down in 130 this year.
  4. No matter where you sit or what you pay all your examples are true - How about leaving work early to get to games on time, paying for parking for every game, making plans to get someone to watch the kids/dog whatever for 40 nights a year. I pay for a babysitter for 2/3rds of the games however I've never had to have one for my dog... Plus once again, these are choices you make, you could get to the game a few minutes late, park outside the arena, cut back on food/ drinks at the PNC, etc. I made a deal with my wife to not buy 2 beers every game this year like seasons past. That alone has saved me $670. Now to your point - I'm sorry, but when you're talking about commitment, someone who goes to every game should get more benefits than someone who goes to 12, no matter how much money you're spending. That's EXACTLY what the Canes are doing now. They are making sure the Full STH get the best benefits and aligning the other plans/ benefits to create that shift in culture. I get why people are upset. Price increases and loss of benefits for anything sucks. I personally think the "Fan Zone" is bad for business. It creates a entry point for a professional sports team that is to low and creates secondary market of "cheap" tickets which isn't good for the Canes. I also think Rutherford steered the Canes way off course on and off the ice for the last 10 years. The effect is now is Waddell is trying to clean up the mess in one big swoop. I think everyone agrees this could have been a phased in approach with a pre-warning going to those affected plans/ ticket holders to set expectations and it would have been received a lot better. 2015-2016 - cut back vouchers, preferred seat location and STH perks for mini plans. (keep ticket prices the same) 2016-2017 - move to Gold, Silver, Bronze format. (increase ticket prices accordingly) At least this way it's not one big cost increase and loss of benefits all at once and mini plan holders know what to expect. I do think though the Canes need pull back the benefits. Partial plan holders get almost zero benefits with other teams. The benefit is the cheaper cost. Compare cost and benefits the Canes offer now for partial plans vs other teams and they align a lot better. If that means the Canes can't sustain a fanbase here then they will be moved at the end of 2024 or if someone buyouts the PNC Center lease agreement before that. Granted none of my opinions account for how bad the on ice product has been. I quit getting upset when they lose and see the games more as a chance to watch NHL caliber hockey with my wife (or son) at a price that's cheaper than almost all the other 30 teams. We went to the Canes/ Hawks game in Chicago last year. The Hurricanes got me the tickets (so I didn't have to scalp at crazy prices). To sit in the exact location I do at PNC in the United Center cost me $380 just for two tickets. My price here is $110. This is the same when I got to Canes/ Caps games in DC. My same seats there are $188 for two at their STH rate. I realize both those teams on ice product is much better but it's hasn't always been that way. Plus it makes it easier to justify (at least in my head) what I spend knowing other teams charge way more.
  5. Well I doubt this earns me any friends (luckily I’m not taking applications for them right now) but here’s my opinion on what’s happening. What has happened that would justify a 43% price increase? I think the obvious answer here is nothing. In my opinion the Hurricanes organization is trying to make it more appealing to full STH and less appealing (and closer to what other teams do) for smaller ticket plans. It will also allow the Canes to get a fair market value for what they have here in Raleigh. Are there any teams offering what the Canes did/do at the same or less price for half or partial seasons? · Unused Ticket Exchange? · Vouchers (half only)? · Opportunity to give guidance where you want to sit? Out of Toronto, Columbus, Arizona, Edmonton and Buffalo I would think only maybe Arizona or Columbus even come close but I still think Canes are cheaper. In Edmonton and Buffalo you have to pay just to be on a season ticket waiting list. I think the biggest mistake the Canes have made over the years is treating all the STH’s the same as far as benefits. I’ve bought single tickets (using the 20 different discounts the Canes offer each year), 12 game, 26 game and full season tickets over the last 7 years. The benefits should be based on the commitment (money spent) from the purchaser. I don’t see how someone spending $645 on a full season in the upper deck should get the same benefits as someone spending $2064 in the lower level. It’s a completely different level of commitment financially. I think the Canes have started that approach and went with ticket # commitment instead of overall $ amount. My questions now are: · Is there a team that offers a lower cost and more benefits for 2015-2016 than the Canes? · Are all season ticket holders mad or just 26 and 12 game plan holders? · Will any partial plan holders join up with others to do a full season and split the tickets/benefits? (This is my personal plan) Good luck to those that are unhappy. I don’t see the Canes changing packages at this point but they have been flexible in the past. On a side note, I did two full seasons just buying them with the various discounts/ Craigslist and I was able to pay less than a full STH price. It just required a ton of work but I guess it’s all what you put into it…
  6. I'd be happy to sell you some tickets next season. I'm in lower level south top 8 rows.
  7. Same people, same conversation. Eric Staal - has a NTC and won't waive it. He wants to play with his brother who also has a NTC. They aren't leaving. Even if they wanted to, what team wants a $8.5 cap hit with a actual $9.5 payout for a underperforming player? The question you should be asking is do we want Marc Staal if Eric and Jordan can convince him to leave NY? Do we already have too many Staal's? Does what he bring on D outweigh and of the family complications? Also very interesting point the #12's worth is at a all time low (I agree), but I don't think he can negotiate a new contract till he is within a year of his current one ending. Semin - he's lazy and sucks. That is all the legacy of Jim Rutherford. Way to much term and money. Should be traded for anything... Tlusty/ Sekera - lock them up if we can. Both have been good for the Canes and both have had better careers here than anywhere. Skinner/ Faulk - they are using them as building blocks for better or worse. I think Skins will end up a vegetable, but just my opinion. Skins also has a NTC so doubtful he leaves... Nash - sign this guy to a extension ASAP. He's played great, tries harder than almost anyone and is a stand up guy. Lindholm - he's finding his game, part of being drafted by the canes is you get rushed to mature. I think he is doing alright. Our defense is the WORST. We need decent guys on D. Harrison, Gleason and Liles were all laughed out by the Leafs. If we want to be competitive, we can't take others trash. We could have gone after Leddy or Boychuk (both way better than everyone but Faulk and Sekera) but Francis is happy with what we have, his hands are tied by Karmnos or he's lacking common sense. Just my two cents...
  8. I'm looking to purchase one ticket for this Saturday's STH BBQ. I have some for the wife and I but I'd like to bring our son too. If you have one for sale or wanting to trade/ donate/ whatever, please let me know. Thanks
  9. No excuses now Remkin - http://hurricanes.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=99770
  10. Better yet, why aren't the Storm Squad using the shovels? Works at other arenas and could be a cost savings to combine the two. But I agree, it would be awesome to be on shovel duty. So close to the action and the players. Very cool.
  11. I think that's part of the problem. There should be a limit on years (1-3?). The Checkers get a incredible amount of girls to tryout. Do the Canes? If not why? We have a lot of college age students in this area. Then again maybe it's not that fun or the non-game day appearances aren't for everyone.
  12. Colliefan - I thought you sat in the 130 section? My wife and I sit in 130 Row W 14 & 15 (you'd remember her before me!). If you are who I think, we spoke several times last year during the breaks. Hopefully the boys can have a good season or it may be my last!
  13. Don't forget to vote for the Checkmates for a chance to win free tickets to Checkers games. http://gocheckers.com/articles/796-choose-the-checkmates-fan-vote Would be cool to see this for the Storm Squad. Not sure if it's the Charlotte area, but they seem to get a huge turnout for tryouts compared to the Storm Squad.
  14. Those are awesome. I feel bad for the Pens fans. Rutherford at the helm of a team low on cap space with a ton of people to sign. That can't be good. I'm sure someone can convince him to take Eric, Jordan and Cam for Malkin and Neal. My guess is we'd have to take Letang as well... I'd still say that's a win for us!
  15. I was excited to see this thread pop back up to the top. I don't think we have many collectors still left! You going to be getting a game used jersey thread going here too or just leave it to the one on FB? Hope all is well! Just like you, I'm itching for some hockey to start!!!
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