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  1. Hopefully he gets a crack at the NHL this year
  2. Babchuk at the first training session broke the barrier glass Defender Avangard Anton Babchuk arrived at the location of the Omsk team. At the first workout, he used his powerful throwing pieces has broken the barrier glass, reported the official website of Avangard. http://www.championat.ru/hockey/news-312031.html Also, according to RDS the deal is for 1.5mil this season for an unknown length
  3. Another good, quality, cheap signing by JR. He has a knack for doing this
  4. I think that Detroit should be #1. I also agree with you superdave Minny's jerseys are hideous 1. Detroit 2. New York Rangers 3. Montreal 4. Toronto 5. Chicago 6. Philadelphia 7. Boston 8. San Jose 9. Dallas 10. New Jersey
  5. The only way the Capitals will get Zherdev is if they find a team dumb enough to take on Michael Nylander's contract.
  6. eggy21


    I use GIMP, its a free program and download doesn't take too long. The other is Photoshop, which is not free but better than GIMP.
  7. I'm not a huge baseball fan but I think a lot more big names will be on this 2003 list. Ortiz, Ramirez and Rodriguze are not going to be the only big players on it.
  8. Oh yeah. Forgot all about that thread. thanks TSA
  9. Speaking about that 50M dollar cap. Are we over it? Under it? At it?
  10. I think that this move all but 100% guarantees that McBain will be in the NHL next year.
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