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  1. Yeah, it comes down to who the Canes are against the Sabres. If we are the win - hungry, dangerous team that we were against Colorado, we'll score well, lots. If we are the lazy, soft team that we were against Ottawa, we'll lose no matter the goalie! Like at this point, I don't care who we're facing in net, I just care about what team comes to the rink!
  2. This is also a good test for the kid. If he goes down without any attitude, and comes up with obvious improvement in his game, he's ready for the NHL. If he goes down to Albany all tee'd off, and basically dogs the whole thing, it obviously shows he doesn't deserve that spot on the 4th line and that he isn't ready for the big leagues. I really hope he ends up doing the 1st one though, as I've seen skill and obvious potentital in him, he just needs to break out of his shell, and a stint like this will definitely help if not totally crack it... So yes, do us proud Brandon and break out of the shell as I know me, and a heck of a lot of Canes fan want you on this team again, soon, real soon!
  3. I do agree, but Cole may also be the man to light a fire under Staal's but, and get him going which this team would highy benefit from. I mean Ruutu is a strong checker, and does get this team going at times but we've got Conboy now, don't we? Like, he can fill Tuomo's spot, and is younger, which I also like. I mean, is there a point of keeping Ruutu when we've already got Conboy, and if we did trade for Cole, he's agressive and cou;d keep that 1st line agressive anyways! Just my 2 cents...
  4. The Canes should try and do whatever they can to get the two points tomorrow, and break the barrier and get into those playoffs! Against a backup goalie of Lalime, we should do well (Knock on wood...) but we can't even get a little bit cocky as it's destroyed us before and I really don't want to see it destroy us again. Boston is going to be a hard team to beat come playoff time though, hopefully we try and move even higher up as well, I don't like our chances...
  5. Yeah, Tuomo is all we need right now as Jarkko would be an absolute waste of cap space with us already having Conboy up here and even if we didn't, I kind of feel like he's losing his edge. Also, going from a fast, finesse - type style team to a physical, agressive team would pretty much kill us. We can't go through a transformation like that as, we'd have tons of PIM's on our record and really wouldn't be able to score at the same time! Imagine a Jarkko Ruutu - Tim Conboy - Tuomo Ruutu line, talk about gritty!
  6. I can't and won't argue with you there, but what about the games he has played awesome? I mean, a lot of his good games are overlooked and then all everyone can think of is the bad goals he's given up, and the bad games he's played. I do agree with you on the other topics, like Cam is still 24 and at that age, winning a Stanley Cup is not expected. Like I think for a lot of people, they're just forgetting how young Cam is and are just expecting too much out of a young goalie like him. And yeah, if we can go into the playoffs having strong defense, goaltending won't be a problem, but if our defense is injured or on a slump, we won't go far as Cam has made it obvious that he can't stand on his head like some other goaltenders do!
  7. And see, Loungo does that even more than Ward. Like, every goalie has his weakness, if Cam has one or two? Well that's good compared to some of the other goalies! And yeah, waive the few softies Cam's letting off your mind, as even though he is letting in those goals, our offense has made a good job of scoring to make up for it! (sometimes, not always!) So please, go and find a goalie who hasn't let in a few softies, oh wait, you can't! So like the person above said, quit analyzing every bad move of Wards and think about where he's led us, where we'd be without him and about all the great saves he's made. If that hasn't changed your opinion, well, don't even be a Canes fan...
  8. Well, if we let him go another team is most likely going to grab him before we can get him on July 1st. Like, the asking price isn't going to be tiny but the Oil want young, and well, Cole really isn't. Saying that though, he could still be very useful. He's on pace for 32 points, can bring a little more aggression to the team and he's got experience under his belt, which could be used for so much good here on a Canes team that has youth, and lots of it! And one more thing, we could always just use him as a rental and then on July 1st, we go and sign another full - time LW as I do realize Cole really isn't your average 1st liner...
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