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  1. I guess that's one way to look at it.
  2. How in the hell is that interference by Mrazek if he was standing in his own crease, Tripp!?? If anything, interference or running into the goalie against the Red Wings.
  3. Oh well, still a sweet play. Great eyes and ice awareness by JW.
  4. Oh No Mrazek! Stay in youe crease!
  5. I'll take that penalty, else Red Wings were sure to score on that one.
  6. You know this for sure, or speculating?
  7. Finally, the backhand to forehand to score the shorty!
  8. Now let's find the shut down defense we had in Toronto, while still applying offensive pressure.
  9. Would have been nice to have scored on the 5 on 3.
  10. Well, 3rd periods have been our strongest lately. Here's hoping we do the same, perhaps score on the abbreviated PP coming up, then add one more 5-5 for good measure.
  11. And that's "if" he leaned into TVR. Hard to tell, but looks like he just skated into the Detroit guy, but who knows. Lord knows we could stand to have few bad calls go our way for a change.
  12. I can see an interference call, but no elbowing or such...
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