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  1. Well *edit*!!! I understand that Svech wants to win and take the game on his shoulders, etc... But during 3 on 3 play you can't do that!
  2. And HE lives happily ever after. The wife ends up on food stamps and WIC, the baby eats too much cheese and develops an allergy to lactose...
  3. 4 or 5 teams all bunched within 1 point of each other. Canes, CBJ, Panthers all with 56, maybe Philly or they have 55, and I think one other with 55 or 54. Isles at 60 points. We are 1 loss and some other team winning, to drop from WC1 to two or three spots out of a playoff spot.
  4. Just got off the road and caught last half of 2nd period - missed the goal scoring. But it seems the Canes are getting plenty of chances, just got to put some past Miller.
  5. Where was this urgency and grit the first 58 minutes?
  6. We can't keep the puck in the offensive zone any longer than 2 seconds.
  7. Agree. A lot of the early success this year is spill over from what they learned from last year, and leadership effects from Justin carring over to this year. They learned last year how to be a good team and that they could be, and some good habits. But maybe what they other guy was saying is true, that the youthfulness of the team is causing some of the inconsistency.
  8. Yes, they always seem to take a few extra liberties against us. Running our goalie, ripping helmets off our heads, a drive by elbowing when Foegle is down on the ice, etc...
  9. Isles are losing tonight, so would be the perfect time to win.
  10. I don't understand how the Canes go from being such a well organized, dominate team that played against LA, to this dud of not even an AHL level effort Is it mad swings in the level of play of the Canes, or is it the difference in playing against the Kings versus playing against the Caps?
  11. Seems like all we do is pass it around the perimeter for over half the PP now and never really set anything up or shoot.
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