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  1. So wait, I thought we were already 6th when the stoppage occur, but now we are 8th seed waiting to see who 1st seed will be? Or how does the seeding work, since there are other Qualification games going on?
  2. I think I can say, that out of 180 minutes of play, the Rags controlled maybe 10-15 minutes at most.
  3. So...do they lineup for the handshakes in a Qualificationn round?
  4. Well, they both are good for different roles. I like Terochek for his skill and Offensive upside, and Staal for his size and grit. Every team needs someone like Staal, especially in the Playoffs.
  5. Trochek has shown some potential with this team and se skill. I think he just needs to settle into our system some more.
  6. Ok, Canes be safe, look out for the dirty stuff from the Rags.
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