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  1. Well, next time Ovichken thinks about punching out Svechikov, we just trot McCormick out onto the ice to police it up - who cares if he only scores 10 points?
  2. The Topics of Open Letter to Tom Dundon and Taking Care of Season Ticket Members were already taken, and what I have to say would fit well into either of those threads, but I wanted this to stand out more and decided to start a new thread. My hope is TD will actually see and read this post. It is how to make the fan experience better, rewarding Canea fans, and I think ultimately reward season ticket holders as well. One of the worst things I hate about coming to the games here at PNC arena, are the amount of "fair weather" fans I'll call them (for lack of a better term), and fans of other teams. I know there are a certain amount of fans from other teams who have moved into North Carolina and remain faithful to their "home" teams, but it seems there are a lot of fans who on most other nights would wear a Canes Jersey, except games where their "home" team comes to town and they put on the other jersey. There is nothing worse than hearing the arena explode with applause just as loud or louder when the opposing team scores, than when the Canes score. I can understand a good amount of Rangers, Pens, and Red Wing fans. Those teams are true "Hockey Town" teams, long winning teams, etc.... But just recently, we Canes fans have been shouted down by Islander fans and New Jersey Devil fans. I feel pretty confident that half the fans in attendance those nights didn't drive down for the game, or only show up just for the games played against the Islanders or Devils. I think we reward fans who show up and wear Canes gear and cheer for the Canes. I think when entering the PNC arena, anyone wearing a Canes jersey or t-shirt, orbother gear etc...should be given a 15% off voucher for concessions or purchases from The Eye. Perhaps that would encourage more of these "fair weather" fans to wear their Canes gear and remain loyal to the Canes, even when the Pens or Rangers are in town. I also think it was a bad idea to eliminate all of those free and discounted tickets that used to be given out. I've always been a season ticket holder, and it never offended me and made me angry to see others get freebies while I was paying full price. I was always happy to see more Canes fans, to hear more cheering for our team and less from the others, and it would warm my heart to see the arena more full than not and having the majority of thr fans there wearing the Canes colors. It was more loud, a better atmosphere, and when chants from opposing teams would start up, we had enough Canes fans in attendance to "drown them out". Giving out a 15% discount voucher to those wearing Canes gear won't be a direct benefit for STM's as we already get a voucher for 15% off, but it would indirectly enhance the game experience I think by having the effect of having more folks there wearing and cheering for the Canes.
  3. Oh okay ... I see that thread now in the "Other Hockey Talk" forum ... good to know ... and from the few messages I saw it appears most think like I do ... that I'd rather keep those behind me still behind me ... and let those ahead just win ... as long as the Canes keep at least 8th spot ... and then hopfully move up when those ahead of us lose to other teams that aren't behind us ... Thanks!
  4. Would like to hear everyone's opinion when it comes to other teams playing each other, in which 1 team is just ahead of us in points and the other team is just behind us. For example, tonight Montreal is playing against Buffalo ... Montreal is like 8 points ahead of the Canes and Buffalo is I think 4 points behind the Canes .... So... do you pull for Montreal to lose so that they move ahead no further and makes it easier for the Canes to catch them .... Or ... do you pull for Montreal to win and therefore Buffalo to lose ... so that Buffalo doesn't gain any ground on the Canes and possibly take over the 8th seed?
  5. It's been a while since I've been to the Cane Forum, probably 3-4 or 6-9 months or more ... but I used to always be able to post new topics ... but now I can't .... in the main topic areas .... I'm only able to start a new topic here and in the Welcome New Members area. Help! :-)
  6. Cam Ward was absolutely fantastic. If the way he played in the first round, especially game 7 didn't prove to the world that he is a top-level elite goalie, then certainly tonights game should have proved it. Those saves in the last few minutes of the 3rd were unbelievable ... absolutely fantastic!
  7. I like this photo better, Staal's winning goal cause it shows the Devil's fans throwing their hands up in dis-belief. I believe had the show been on the other foot they would have caught me crying and sobbing like a little baby.
  8. I don't know about 1,000 or more ... but quite a good turnout ... I'd guesstimate around 600-800 folks .... if anyone has been there before and know where they come out of the parking lot and down that short first road ... and then have to take a right ... fans were lined up from there and about 20-30 feet down toward the way you come in ... and then stretched the other way all the way to the entrance into that "General Avation - Employee Parking" parking lot entrance .... and I'd say it was 2 to 3 folks deep the whole way ... some places maybe 4 deep and on the ends only 1 or 2 deep ... ... but yeah ... it was cool the way LaRose was hanging out the window and screaming .... he was probably playing MegaDeath on the car stereo as well .... and then Jussi Jokinen was taking pics of the crowd .... and of course Tripp beeped his horn and revved his engine and good old Forslund I think likes to be last and he hooped and hollered and blew his horn .... I drive an hour and a half to get there, then turned around and came back home - got here at 2:40 am. .... and now have to get back up at 06:40 am and drive an hour and 10 minutes back to Durham where I work ... but I guess it will be worth it ... to see the joy on the players faces when they say us all there ...
  9. Man, wish I could go! Last time I was there when they came home after game 2, it was a Friday night I think. But I have work tomorow. I live in Kernersville but work in Durham which is an hour and 10 minute drive for me ... if I went ... I'd probably not leave until around 1:30 a.m. ... get home around 2:40 a.m ... and then have to get up at 6:45 a.m. .... about 4 hours of sleep ... .... hmmmm... what do you guys think ... should I do it ... think many fans will be there?
  10. What you guys are missing is that we would have never gotten O'Sullivan if we hadn't promised to trade him to Edmonton for Cole - it was a 3-way trade.
  11. Watching the post-game show last night on Versus and they were talking about the Toronto Maple Leafs and how they were probably looking to unload some players and the name Nik Antropov came up. Everytime he was mentioned it was also emphasized that he was "huge" ... checked out his stats on the Leafs page and he is 6'6" and 230 lbs., just the kind of big and bruising forward that we could use. I think so far he only has 20 goals this year, but heard when having a good year he gets upwards of 30 goals ... but heck even a 20 goal scorer would be welcome addition to the 2008/2009 Hurricanes .... and did I mention that he was HUGE? What do you guys think, worth trying to trade for or obtain?
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