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  1. Slavin Wins! Accuracy Competition - Slavin Wins
  2. Not me. I haven't seen a single post about the Marley commercial that had any more salacious content, sexual enuendo, or suggestive topics than what is actually in the commercials themselves. If one is offended by posts referring to the Marley commercial, then they are probably just as offended by the commercial itself and probably should contact Fox Sports and complain and petition to have the offending commercial removed and to drop them as a sponsor.
  3. Aaagggh! BS goal!!! Jet's player was totally uncovwred, and seems Mrazek could have stopped that one.
  4. Nice pass by Turbo! JW playing the role of Haula, planting himself in the slot and tipping in the cross ice pass.
  5. Ok, after watching the Pens and Bruims game today, and now this, the wife is making me go do something else. So signing off, Good Night all.
  6. Don't need no stinking Marley girl "after" the game, I'm already feeling up!
  7. Is that good or bad, who are they playing?
  8. I'll resume breathing agaim in a few minutes.
  9. I really like the black shorts on the Storm Squad.
  10. Reimer deserves just as much credit for that last save.
  11. You couldn't have written it no better than this!
  12. Please let it be JW that wins this!
  13. FFS!!! FFS!! GOT to be kidding me!
  14. You got to have more speed when trying to score on the shootout!
  15. And, I'd prefer that our goalies not play the puck. Seems like 90% of the time it ends up on the opposing teams stick and leaving the Canes in a defensive scramble.
  16. Seems to me like a lot of the team quit after that game Haula has gone cold, Nino has never found his game yet, PP not what it used to be, PK has gotten worse, offensive scoring way down. Not any one particular thing, but the sum of a lot of things. The post about Leadership, not a knock on JW. But a statement that the issue is "not" about Leadership, just that everyone collectively as a team, is playing a notch or two less than before. It won't be the Second Coming of Williams, or finding a replacement for Dougie, but everyone down to man to step up and play their all.
  17. Ok, Going to **** a lot of people off - but we need some"Leadership" out there!
  18. Das German got lucky on that one, bouced off his back and then into his stick.
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