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  1. There is no crying in hockey, unless you're Marty Brodeur, stick breaker extraordinaire.
  2. Great youtube clip, especially on the bump/non-bump coverage. Thanks for putting it together.
  3. Let's get behind the move. We've had a terrible three years, espically last year losing the div and playoffs on the last game. I think that JR wants the playoffs back in Carolina this year. So do I! Justin won't be himself again until next season, where he will help a young Kings team. The whole move with the Oilers and Canes results in the Canes getting Joni Pit and Cole, and the Oilers getting a good draft pick and a 4th liner. JR did this to wake up the players. Coles presence may do this. Justin, with his current injury, cannot. Everyone says we need offense, goal scoring. Maybe Cole can light a new fire under Staaly, and help get his goals up where they belong. Some trades, like Kunitz with the Pens, work out. Some don't. JR knows he's not getting the same Cole we once had in Carolina, but then again, are we going to start rebuliding for next year before we learn about making the playoff's this year. Would O'Sullivan have prevented the loss to the Thrashers last Sat? The Canes need to win games now. Maybe Cole can add a spark and help the team to the playoffs. I still think the Canes need a good alternate goalie. Like Clemmenson. That's the deal I'd have been looking to make.
  4. Thanks for your comments. I like Cam Ward, don't get me wrong. But more bench time sharing the load with a guy like Clemmenson would, I believe, help narrow the amount of "softies," and possibly invorate the team scoring. Ward is probably better this year, but after seeing or watching every Hurricane game this season, I continually notice the juice go out of the team because of a soft goal, just like Tuesday night. My drift really is that Jim Rutherford needs to spend the bucks on goaltending while the Canes are still in the mix this year. Ward would still get his share of the load, and be better for it. Since the cup win, he has never had a proven competitor for his job waiting on the bench. That alone will improve his performance.
  5. Hi I'm new to the forum but not to the Canes. I' have followed the Hurricanes diligently since the team was in Greensboro, and took great joy in seening them capture the cup three years ago. I get to about 8-10 home games a year, and subscribe to NHL center ice, so my evenings are usually filled with hockey, which, of course, gives me familiarity with all the teams and players. So, today I just thought I'd add my feelings about trades, although this post might fit in better with the Michael Leighton thread. Nothing against him as a player, or for any player who sits out 10-15 games at a time. On some teams you always want to see the backup goalie. On other teams, such as the New Jersey Devils, you never want to see him. I mean Clemmenson, of course. I can't believe that team sent him back to the AHL today. I mean, they kept Weekes as the backup??? I'm non-plused! I respect Jim Rutherford. He has made super trades, and very few stupid ones in relation to some GM's. Personally, right now, I believe he should be seriously looking to get Clemmenson in Carolina. This year, Right now! My bigest frustration with the Hurricanes is Cam and the Mary Jane goals he gives up. Tuesday was no exception. Tripp Tracy can justify everything Cam does, like the defense or the high forwards didn't get back, but when the goalie doesn't even touch the puck on a one on one, and he does it multiple times in a game, it's on the goalie and not the D or high forwards. Auld stopped Staal's breakaway Tuesday night, and Eric got TWO shots on that play. The third goal Tuesday night took the starch out of the team with only a few seconds to go in the period. Cam might as well been in the locker room. Believe this-Cam Ward would be on the bench in Detroit! Last year at the final game I sat 10 rows behind the bench and watched Cam give up three Mary Janes in the first ten shots. Ward should have been pulled after the second goal no matter who he had as a backup. The coach should have been fired after that game. What a heartbreak to see them lose that game, the division title, and the playoffs. I sat against the glass at the Islanders game where Cam gave up two SHG to Sillinger, and multiple games against the Flyers who seem to have his number. The real fact of the matter is Cam can't win when the chips are down. His run at the cup was unconcious and even though he and the team won the final, at his age it may have given him a false sense, and might have possibly ruined his career. Tuesday's game against the Sens was critical. A win put them well in the mix, just about everyone in the mix lost. I worry now that the three game win streak will turn into a three game losing streek which has been the trend all season. The Canes biggest problem is goal tending-nothing else. I would like to see a goalie like Clemmenson in front of the Carolina net. The team is intact. Take a hard look at Tim Thomas in Boston. A trade for a good goalie is the only change that Jim Rutherford needs to make before the deadline. Sorry, I've been a bit windy.
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