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  1. if you're not interested....then don't reply but don't be rude....
  2. I must par down my collection: Tim Gleason signed stick from his first season....150 2002 Prince of Wales Banner that hung outside arena...150 2011 All Star Banner Black with Rivets..150 text me if interested 919-656-7996
  3. -Hey there, I have a Gleason signed stick...game used in first season with canes....150 2002 Prince of Wales Banner that hung outside arena...150 2011 All Star Banner that was outside...has rivets and is black....150 2006 Stanley Cup Banner replica of inside one...3 ft by 1 ft. with gold rod... need to narrow down my stuff text if interested 919-656-7996
  4. WOW! Talking about negativity. I really think he's the best we have in this area. Hey, at least we have a station that supports the Canes. I tend to agree with alot of what Mike says. And yeah, sometimes he goes overboard. He's followed hockey most of his life not like the rest of us. I saw my first game 18 years ago when my hubby started playing again. Unless you can do a better job and can get the job...turn your radio station and let the rest of us enjoy the coverage. has knowledge about Hockey but I haven't really heard it yet. If were in this guys head, I will hate to see whats going to happen to us Sunday. I guess not only will he have a shutout, he'll also score too! GO CANES!!!!!!
  5. We in the booster club hosted 220 of them in a fundraiser tailgate but there were a total of 5 busses not counting those that drove down. But they were awfully quite.
  6. Quite a few of us are going to the Alehouse in Cary. It is suppost to be on NHL Center Ice. No respect!!!
  7. Thank you for coming down. As the organizer of the Booster Club Tailgate, this year was the best of any we have had with y'all. Not only was everyone a blast, raised money for TriangleSpecialHockey.com. Look forward to seeing you guys in the playoff..
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    Check out the pics from our trip back from atlanta. took over 14 hours and 2 days. we traveled 10 miles in 6 hours
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