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  1. I was surprised with Muller's comment as well. Criticism was well deserved for a good amount of the team, not just your back up, back up goal tender. The entire team needs to solidify their game from the offensive zone, center, and defensive zone. We need to get back to the way we played earlier in the season where we pressured teams in every zone, making it difficult for them at all times. It takes hard work and dedication. I just think our heads are not in the game. We have lost confidence and all we can think about is that we have taken a sky dive.
  2. I'm really excited for this season with all of the changes that have been made since the last season. Hoping to get into the playoffs at the minimum. Go 'Canes!!!
  3. Thank you to the entire Carolina Hurricanes team and associated personnel (coaching staff, management, etc.) for a hard fought season. I have plenty of great and positive memories from this particular season.
  4. Major props and respect to those that went out last night.
  5. Malkin certainly took it to an entirely higher level last night. His third goal? I was speechless at that point. The Hurricanes need to pick up their intensity level or Pittsburgh will make this a short series if their current performance continues. Crosby and Malkin are proving why they get all of the media's attention and earning their high salaries whereas some of the Hurricane's upper echelon players are not. Seeing my Hurricanes loose is one thing, but having to listen to these Versus announcers adds salt to the wound.
  6. I am not surprised at all. Crowds that yell "Cam Ward" just show how class-less they really are. The 'bird' to the Hurricanes bench was the icing on the cake.
  7. My greatest concern from the game was not the L, but rather Ruutu and Cole's injuries. Having said that, all of our mistakes are easily correctable and we need to play to win regardless of the poor refereeing that we have had through out the majority of the Playoffs. The knee to knee on Cole was dirty from my perspective unlike the accidental contact that occurred on Savard during the previous series. I thought immediately that there was going to be a call, but to my dismay the refs did absolutely nothing. Regardless, we had our scoring chances and we need to capitalize on them each and every time. There were multiple instances where we tried to force an additional (and unnecessary) pass. Sometimes you have to be greedy and take the shot (e.g. Samsonov)! All in all, I felt that we could have pulled away with a solid W. Hopefully the coaching staff and team recognize that and come out with more vigor and aggression to score on Thursday evening.
  8. I knew I should have gone out there. It sounds like it was a great time.
  9. Well, to be quite honest - I was anticipating a loss, but I was hoping for the best the entire time. I found it hard to believe that the Bruins would allow their season to end with 4 losses in a row and they proved that thought correctly. Having said that, the Hurricanes played poorly from the start and Boston had the momentum the entire game. No analyst or fan can provide the excuse that we have not seen some of the best from the Bruins because that was an embarrassment last night in my personal opinion. We got hammered on the boards and on the scoreboard and we finally lost our discipline as well. I can not blame the Hurricanes either. The Bruins play hard and hit hard, but they are a nasty team for the good part of the time and they certainly get away with a whole lot in their own stadium. It's human to eventually build up to a point where one just decides to [literally] fight back. So now the series stands at a 3 - 2 Hurricanes lead with the next game being at the RBC Center on Tuesday at 7:00 PM. Without a doubt in my mind, the Bruins will be coming into our house with the same intensity that they had last night. The question at this point is how will the Hurricanes respond? Will they utilize all that emotion and anger from last night in a game winning performance or will they allow the Bruins to continue to hammer them in every regard? In our house, this will be their best chance to finish this [still] very dangerous team.
  10. The intensity level from the Hurricanes was phenomenal. They were giving it all they had and simply overwhelmed the Bruins. The last two goals (Samsonov and Staal) were absolutely beautiful!
  11. I agree completely. The Bruins are a very dangerous and competitive team. We may be leading the series 2 to 1, but the momentum can change in an instance.
  12. Game 2 was so biased it wasn't even funny - it was sickening actually. There were so many no calls that I was absolutely furious by the end of the game and LaRose's no goal finished it off for me. But we won right? So it doesn't matter... Of course it matters! Both teams should be held to the same standards! I just hope that Game 3 is refereed in a more balanced manner.
  13. Regarding LaRose's no goal... The photograph provided by Versus above is not directly above the line which would actually mean that the puck for certain has to beyond the red line. How so? The puck seems to be parallel with the camera angle, but not perpendicular to the ice - it's slightly tilted. If we could get the same frame, but at a an angle directly on the ice, it would show something like this: The very small margin of white ice between the puck and the red line is actually slightly larger than it seems for the camera angle we are given by Versus. Having said all that, does it matter at this point knowing the ultimate conclusion of Game 2? No. But it should serve as a reminder to LaRose and company that a goal was stolen from them - fight back on the ice for it in Game 3 and beyond!
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