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  1. they could play idiot by wavves :16-:39
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJ4IJB2_VKU
  3. i think with a d that can shut down other teams it will allow the offense to have the puck more and score more goals
  4. why is pitkanens pay so high.....or why is corvos that much lower?
  5. i was at the penguins game back in november when the pens won and wished them to death...only to see what happend here.........and the november game was a birthday present from a deadwings fan.....i dont think you can top that...thats like him sayin here watch a game where your team gets owned before the playoffs, during the playoffs and then that team gets owned in the playoffs HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....guess fluery saved all his "easy" goals for the dead wings....hope neither make to the playoffs next year :angry:
  6. i think its some of the D that let us down....the offense cant score if the defense cant get the puck to them
  7. yea the canes def. don't need someone who will actually check and score from the point too.....jbo would be nice but eff the kittys
  8. no avery.... DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEEEEEFENSE! ! !
  9. ok .... if the team has defense.. that can get the puck out of the zone.... they will have offensive chances to put the puck in the net.... they have the offensive means to do that... it IS only a defensive fault that puts this team where it is... being someone who use to play d on a hockey team... def not in the nhl or anywhere near... its still your fault for letting a guy by u with the puck... and knowing to take the guy without the puck on a 2 on 1(which you probably learn when you're 6).... and as for someone who is actually gettin paid for this job... it is greatly disturbing....i don't know how you guys feel but i would take a slap shot in the face before a game if i knew thats what it take to win... sure it would be a one time deal... but i'd def do it....esp. with enough CANIAC spirit... staal i think does play with heart... when he wants too... which is why he gets his hat tricks in random games... the man can score when he wants to when the heart is there..i dunno, i think eaves is on his way there i think too... as for bayda who proved himself last year, i think has gotten too comfy...and don't give up on brindy....i know he's still got it.
  10. can anyone see the probelm is the defense? trade number 4 seidensurg....get someone who can block shots and get points like him but actually skates well and doesnt give up as many goals while their job is to DEFEND the goal....just thought i'd add while the deadline is 2 days away and the management seems to think things are working out well as they are....i think i remember the beginning of the season they wanted to improve the defense anyway..... still waiting i guess.
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