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  1. We're number 8 on the SI power rankings released yesterday, Alan Muir called the Hurricanes "the most underappreciated squad in the game." http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/writ....html?eref=sihp
  2. that would suck!! I hate the idea of this. You would think a lot of canadians and traditional fans would be outraged and boycott jersey sales. I think I would.
  3. yeah they already took a page out of JR's book by bringing back Vrbata. Why not help out the environment and recycle some more?
  4. haha these are great. I like the Finnish what we started and the being green ones the best. lol recycling every frikin player
  5. If you actually read what I wrote (if you did then you're just putting words in my mouth, or in this case words on my fingers lol) I never said the primary reason he isn't signed is because of off-ice issues. Obviously that is rarely the PRIMARY issue with a player. Primary is on-ice, and he has his issues there too, if he didn't we wouldn't be having this conversation, b/c JR would have signed him. In my opinion (I am entitled to one, correct?), Babchuk represents what is wrong with the Canes Defense - doesn't use his size for physicality, i.e. doesn't hit, and he is horrendous in his own zone. With size usually comes poor agility, and Babchuk one on one versus a skilled forward is a nightmare to watch. Obviously Rutherford thinks that a shut-down defenseman who hits like Aaron Ward is more important to this team than Babchuk. I agree completely with Rutherford in this case, but again, my opinion. As for factual support, I will never have it unless I employed by the Carolina Hurricanes and deal with the players. And you can't just act like the Russia thing isn't a big deal. If you were a GM interested in Babchuk right now, you would have to wonder- if I trade for this guy, how will I know he will sign? He wouldn't sign for 1 mil in Carolina, how much does he want? If he wants too much, will he go back to Russia, making me look like a fool for trading for him?
  6. Ok well, for one he refused to go to the AHL when asked a couple years ago. JR wanted him to develop there but he seemed to prefer being a healthy scratch. And you aren't going to hear everything that goes on behind closed doors. Managers know they may have trade players at some point, and it is in their best interest to hide the little things about players that could make them less appealing. Not saying anything was necessarily "hidden" about Babchuk, but there are obviously things WE never hear about. But anyway, if Babchuk has gotten over the issues, and if he is so great, tell me why hasn't he been traded or signed anywhere???
  7. No, it isn't as high, given Babchuk seemingly doesn't know what "play defense in the defensive zone" means and has a history of off-ice issues (throwing the water bottle, bolting to Russia). I think playoffs are huge in determining how good a player really is, which is why Cole didn't get a FA contract, and why no teams are seriously interested in Babchuk. I wouldn't be surprised that the reason he was so bad in the playoffs was because he wasn't making any money during them and thus he didn't care about what happened.
  8. I think Ruutu will keep getting better. He is only now coming into his prime, and he brings the nasty hard-hitting style that the fans love and the opponents hate. More money than I expected, but he could easily get that much thrown at him on the FA market.
  9. Sportsnet scouting report: Assets: Is a huge physical specimen and also an aggressive type by nature. Likes to lay on the body and owns some shutdown qualities. Flaws: Will never be a big point producer in the NHL. Struggles against quicker forwards that surpass him on the outside. Career potential: #6 or 7 defenseman. So kind of what we would expect given his frame. Now look at COmmodre, its almost the same: Assets: Has tremendous size and strength. Plays a simple game that keeps improving with age and experience. Is well liked in the locker room. Flaws: Doesn't have a lot of scoring upside. Has trouble avoiding the injury bug. Can at times be beaten on the outside by a speed rusher. Career potential: top 6 defenseman. virtually the same scouting report. I think he will definitely help out our defense, you can't argue that his size won't help.
  10. Seems a lot like a Commodore type player to me, though probably not quite as skilled, and doubtfully as much personality.
  11. Wow never even thought of him. Kind of always thought of Brind'Amour as untouchable to Rutherford. But now I remember how he made a point to say "Staal and Ward are the only untouchable players at this point" at the end of the season interviews, so... That would be a hell of shocker.
  12. "I do know one thing for certain. We have to give Kostopoulos a nickname. " They called him "krusty" the clown (from the simpsons) in Montreal and someone else on here said non-stopoulous or somethin like that.
  13. Yeah so they say. I've heard a lot of good things about Murphy, but goaltending doesn't always translate from one level to the next so you never know. I'm really not a big fan of Leighton, cringe every time I see him in goal, but you have to admit it must be harder when you only play once every 20 games.
  14. No way Leighton is expendable just because Peters was signed. He is very cheap (.6 mil hit) and has NHL experience. He also has proven to be a winner at at least the AHL, where he won the Vezina equivalent there (best AHL goalie). Meanwhile Peters was signed to a 2 way contract, has NO NHL experience, and is even somewhat unproven in the AHL so far. So we aren't just going to trade Leighton and have Peters as the backup, unless Cam's gonna play 82 this year.
  15. haha good point. No one saw Williams getting traded, no one saw Commodore and Stillman. But I think no one can deny Eaves and Babchuk are the best options. Eaves for whatever reason just doesn't play well here despite some flashes of his potential. He has the wicked wrist shot and I still think he could score 20+ a year, just not in Carolina. That makes him an appealing bite for some teams, plus he's cheap. Babchuk is less valuable because first off he doesn't have a contract and second he has proven to be a "problem child." He is horrendous at times in the defensive zone, but has the rocket shot and looks good on paper, so plenty of appeal there. But then again what team is going to take a chance on Eaves being an impact player, AND taking the chance of hoping to sign Babchuk. Doesn't seem likely at all now thinking about it. So you're probably right about unpredictable. I would still guess it involves one or the other though.
  16. Eaves and Babchuk on their way out hopefully. Anyone have a link to where it says we might be working on a trade?
  17. Maybe to help prove my point a little- someone on TSN wrote this just now: "WHY DIDN'T BOB GAINEY KEEP THIS GUY? He even wore the "A" last year. I'm content with Bob's other acquisitions but to let this guy go made no sense."
  18. Wow! Interesting, definitely didn't see that coming. Not a earth-shattering sign but I like it and I think it improves our team. Don't expect more than a gritty fourth-liner who can play 3rd occasionally. I do think this is an upgrade from Bayda since he has a little more size and will throw his body around (167 hits!). Plus he can kill penalties. I remember everyone in Montreal complaining when Gainey signed "Krusty the clown" but I think they all warmed up to him fairly quickly. Quick Scouting Report from Sportsnet: Assets: Likes to play a north-south game and is strong along the wall. Defensively responsible, he's also a great leader in the room. Flaws: Has limited scoring ability at the NHL level, and doesn't do enough in other areas to see regular playing time in the big league. Career Potential: 4th line winger.
  19. True, but you don't always have to have defensive scoring to make the playoffs or even win the cup. For our team last year, I think anyone would agree with you that that specific team would not have made the playoffs without Babchuk and Corvo. And obviously the team next year appears to be almost identical. So maybe the best option would be to keep one and try to get a DD? Corvo is more valuable on the ice and in the trade market. Babchuk could probably go for a bag of pucks because despite his numbers he has the mistakes and off-ice issues. I think if we could dump Babchuk and sign a decent DD, we would have a better blueline. Looks like we are s c r e w e d.
  20. With the current roster and assuming Ruutu's back it wouldnt be a stretch to make the playoffs, but it would probably be like the last 3 years - always in the mix, but won't know if we're in until the last couple of games. i would say though with Maurice, anything's possible, look at the 2002 team. I don't think losing Larose is as bad most people think, granted that we can replace him with a player who at least has some size. Larose has the heart, but we do need to get bigger and more physical. Two other thinks I think that most people will probably disagree with: 1. I hate Babchuk. yeah he scored 16 goals but if you didnt cringe every time you saw him with the puck in the defensive zone then you weren't paying attention to the game. I would not mind seeing him traded for even a draft pick. 2. Trade Corvo for a defensive defenseman. Unlike Babchuk, I wouldnt say that Corvo's defensive liabilities outweigh his offensive potential - he is mobile (Babchuk not at all), a great puck mover, quarterbacks the powerplay well and has the booming shot... but his mistakes can be even more boneheaded. Anyone remember the New Jersey series Corvo behind the net, TWICE, in two different games, feeding Gionta perfectly right in front of Ward??? Gionta scored both times, one of which was with like 7 seconds left in the period, completely shifting the momentum of a game that had been tied, and ultimately costing the canes the game. Beyond that, Corvo doesn't use his size at all, and shies away from any opportunity to lay the body. Hell even Joni Pitkanen throws a hit or two. So again, JMHO. Trade Babs and if possible trade Corvo for a DD. If not possible hope for the best.
  21. wow 2 mil cmon. That defines lowballing. Hopefully thats not true because thats embarassing. I was hoping somewhere between 2.5-2.75. Whats gonna happen with all the money Rutherford's saving anyway? Like way does he need to offer Cole and especially Larose so little? Is he planning on hitting the free agent market or did our greedy owner lower the self-imposed budget again?
  22. I don't think the Rangers get in. They are playing terrible hockey recently and though Antropov should help, they won't be able to recover winning form. A lot of that could change with Torts behind the bench, I always thought he was a great coach. The Pens scare me and I hate how they got Guerin for a bag of pucks. However, I really don't think he'll help much, look at his stats after San Jose picked him up at the deadline two years ago. The Pens have really picked up the pace since Michelle got fired, so I would guess right now they get in. Florida is another team that has been playing really well, and though they didn't make any big moves (Eminger), they will likely stay at that level and get in. Which leaves us and the Sabres fighting for the last spot. The Sabres got Moore and Tellqvist at the deadline. I don't think Moore will have too much an impact the rest of the way, and Tellqvist is only insurance the way Lalime is standing on his head and Miller will be back soon. The Sabres did lose Kotalik, who is a talented but unmotivated player so don't forget about that. In my biased opinion, I would give the Canes the last spot because I really think Cole will help us more than most trade deadline pickups, given how comfortable he is with the team already. I think he will provide provide a spark to himself and the team. Staal seemed pretty happy he was back. Its gonna be a tight race, these games are the most exciting!
  23. unfortunately the only way to ship kaberle out would be to include staal in the deal.
  24. I don't think anyone here claims you were Cole bashing, we are just pointing out that some of your points didn't make sense, like the above poster said- Cole's major injury wasn't a concussion, O'Sullivan wouldn't have played here, and this was a trade that made sense for three GMs (at least in their own minds). I have no disrespect for Oilers fans and know they are big fans of Cole: http://forums.edmontonoilers.com/index.php?showtopic=46811
  25. Cole broke his neck, it wasn't a concussion that set him back. And there isn't really any pressure to replace Justin Williams, Williams is injured right now and has been off and on for two years. He really hasn't been a big factor on the team in two years. The only pressure is to win games, plus helping Staal score and Cole getting some himself. And last thing, if only one GM in the league thought the deal was fair as you say, then what does say about the Kings and Canes' GMs? Are you saying these two made the trades only to help Edmonton out though they knew they were screwing themselves over? O'Sullivan isn't the second coming of Gretzky, and frankly the Hurricanes would rather have Cole and the Kings would rather have Williams. How it plays out is another story.
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