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  1. Was there another team on the ice? Listening to the announcers it was just the Pens!
  2. The HIGHWOODS bldg has a huge Go Canes banner on it that you could see from the beltline
  3. Exactly .all I wanted was info on a practice jersey. Go Canes!!!!
  4. I have 3 jerseys. red, black and white. I like the blue and the yellow practice jerseys. That is why I want one. You see plenty of women in pink canes gear and pink is not one of the colors. These same State fans I spoke of also cheer against the "Carolina" Panthers. I am not joking. When I am at the RBC , I am a Hurricanes fan. There are alot of Carolina fans that cheer for the Canes as well as ECU fans, Duke fans, Wake fans, etc. When I am there the RBC is the home of the Canes. If I am watching a basketball game , then it is the home of NCSU.
  5. Tyler had on a red polo, btw. Once again we are cheering for 1 team. I would never boo Sidney or O'Brein. How old are we? I have State fans that will not pull for the Canes cause they are the "Carolina ' hurricanes.
  6. Wow i was just trying to get a jersey. Why not give Tyler props for supporting the Canes as well as Roy. We are cheering for 1 team now and that is the Canes. It never ceases to amaze me that fans of other teams can turn this into something more. I find it very cool that the 2 teams I pull for have brought Championships to the area over the last 4 years.
  7. Please let me know if this sale falls through
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