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  1. Greetings all! Prior to indiv game tix going on sale tomorrow, I thought I'd see if anyone wants to part with a pair of tix for the game on 2/28 vs Pittsburgh.
  2. I greatly appreciate the response, but I'm going to try to get lower than that. This is my wife's first hockey game and having driven down to RBC last April for a game, I think her first game needs to be down fairly low. RBC is a FANTASTIC venue!! I've been to hundreds of games elsewhere, but that first trip down to RBC last April with my son, was incredible!!! My hidden agenda is trying to make her an instant fan, so that she'd be up for that 3.5 hour drive down from Blacksburg, VA a few times per year. So, still looking for a pair of tix for 10/14, 'Canes vs Penguins. As an aside, I expected an email (an auto-email from the site) to notify me of any response/reply to my post. Not seeing that makes me suggest that if you have a pair for sale for 10/14, please email a details and price to - dcatley@vt.edu In advance, THANKS!!!
  3. Thanks all for taking the time. We're in need of two for the 10/14 'canes/Pens game. I'll watch the swap meet, and additionally check back in after 9/1. Made our first trip down last April and RBC was a *GREAT* time!!! You have a WONDERFUL venue down there!
  4. whoa...let me be clear, it's 3 hours from my home in Blacksburg, VA. It is not 3 hours for you to drive to Pittsburgh. Sorry for that miscommunication. Hockey fans ARE the best, agreed! -- Hokies416
  5. Great game! Absolute best hockey venue I've ever been to, and I've been to quite a few. Last night was super! Being a transplanted Pittsburgh native, and a fanatical Pens fan, I was disapponted in the outcome obviously. But that was the ONLY thing that was disappointing. We Pittsburgh fans do travel well though, lots of Pens fans present. Impressive display. The 'canes fans around us (we ended up in row X, section 115) were GREAT, friendly, fun, excellent to converse with between periods. A wonderful weather day, the beer was cold, the seats were super. We *WILL* return!!! An easy 3 hour drive for THAT level of enjoyable evening.......will never again pass THAT up! Will bring the wife next time. Hope the new Pens home (currently being built) comes close to the fantastic facilty RBC is. Again.....thanks all 'canes fans who responded. Parking on the west side WAS a nice tip. Easy out afterwards. Best of luck in the playoffs! The 'canes will be an easy team to root for, that is until they hopefully catch a series with the Pens of course. --- Hokies416
  6. Dinz: Thanks! We will do both while down there. I've personally spent a lot of time in that area, but I want my son to see the UNC and Duke campuses. Appreciate *ALL* you 'canes fans offering up good suggestions!! -- Hokies416
  7. we *do* have our tix in hand, and are looking forward to the trip next week. Thanks *ALL* of you who have offered up info for our first visit to RBC.
  8. Thanks! Great info. The BBQ will be a definite.
  9. Thanks to you both!!! The info is appreciated more than I can tell you. Now I just need to finalize the tix and I think I'll jump on the section 130 pair. All the best from Blacksburg, VA.!!
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