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  1. Is there anyway we can make this clock move faster? I mean lets at least add some milliseconds to this to make it look faster.
  2. if he can get this win steak to 14 to cancel out the 14 game losing steak that we had with the same players we went so deep in the playoffs with then ill say keep him, other than that mo must go
  3. http://www.nhl.com/ice/ap...als&sort=plusMinus&pg=26 brindy is last for plus/minus. I remember seeing he was last a some point last year too.
  4. ya I caught the "TOO" after I re-posted, I got it on the positive thread now. My bad
  5. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=506624 Big Juicy Doesn't let up even with our backs on the wall
  6. Haha, ya I thought about that. But I thought something this prestigious for him in my opinion deserved to be individually recognized for his efforts. But it's your call.
  7. my selection isn't up there, and that is to trade him to a playoff bound team and get some return.
  8. [quote name='Manwolf wrote: legend-1']Which leg, where and how deep? I wish they would answer the questions we actually want to know. "Lower Body" I feel bad laughing at that, but that is pretty good.
  9. Were going to be with out ward for a while via TSN. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=297705 {eot} Text Size Carolina goalie Cam Wardwill remain in hospital for another day as a precautionary move afterhis leg was cut by a skate during the first period of the Hurricanes'game against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Saturday. Now general manager Jim Rutherford must turn his attention to finding outside help between the pipes. "We'll have to see how it goes," Rutherford said of Ward's injuryand recovery time. "It appears it will be a fairly long period oftime." "He's stitched up but he has to stay real stable," added Rutherford."They want to be careful about infections and those things." Rutherford explained that the Hurricanes options now involve trading for or signing an available netminder or calling up Justin Peters from Albany of the AHL. "We're talking over the options. We don't have an answer right now," Rutherford stated. Ward stretched to make a save while Blue Jackets forward Rick Nash skated through the crease at 7:35. It appeared Nash or a defenceman nicked Ward in the leg with a skate. Ward was on all fours for a couple of minutes on the ice before hewas attended to by the trainers. As he was being helped off, drops ofblood trailed him all the way to the dressing room. Michael Leighton replaced Ward in goal. It wasn't the first time that Ward has been cut during a game. The skate of former New York Rangers forward Brad Isbistersliced Ward's knee during a game in March 2007. Ward said at the timethat he didn't feel that injury, but the cut was deep enough for him tosee the muscle. Ward called it the worst injury he sustained whileplaying hockey.
  10. well the first time frame is gone and still nothing, which is disappointing and although I did pick the second one, I kind of hoped that it would be the first one.
  11. Send Brind'Amour to a play off bound team, if there is one that will take him and let him finish his career on a high note and possibly get some return for us. And as for MO, fire him and assign Francis at interim coach and let him finish the season and see how he does, cause there is no point in wasting our money and bringing in a new coach on a hopeless season.
  12. anybody remember how long tampa kept Berry Melrose, that was quick haha
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