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  1. Would you sell or trade it? Could you post a pic please?
  2. Thanks. This is exactly what I like to know.
  3. 10, 100, 1000, where is the difference? Everybody who collected some pucks is a collector. You got a PM.
  4. Why lol? The Czech Republic and Slovakia, former Czechoslovakia, are leading puck producing countries. Official game pucks for olympic games and world championships comes from there, most NHL souvenir pucks too.
  5. I'd call it a collector Could you send me a pic from your collection? I'd take it on my website.
  6. Thanks!!! Any puck collectors here???
  7. Hi, sorry that I still boring you.... GOT ONE and it fit perfect in the collection. http://u0011256002.user.hosting-agency.de/...pgmFilters=#pic Just curious, how many did they sell in your fan shop and how much did it cost? There was only one I saw on ebay and somebody piad more than $100.00 for it. PS: Eric rulez, he won the first championship for my favourite team Eisbaeren Berlin during the NHL lockout. http://u0011256002.user.hosting-agency.de/...images/cole.jpg
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