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  1. I partly agree with poster above.. I love my CAPS.. and don't hate the Canes.. but I DO want your team to kill Boston.. I think a Caps/Canes Eastern match up would be amazing hockey!! and it gives me another chance to get down there and talk to those fine fine fine ladies in your area..... .. so nice....
  2. If you sit in the lower bowl.. should be no problems... up in the 400's... it gets uglier.
  3. Ohh.. I as Look at my ticket.. I realize the lady whom got such a shabby treatment that is a cutie sits in 114 S 18 so on in the next game if someone sits near that (I do believe she is a STH).. send an apology from me regarding the worst of the drunks (including the bid lite hat dude.. that was 2 seats from her).
  4. What is kinda weird.. is that most Cap fans.. do not see Carolina as a rival.... Rivals are made in the playoffs (do I see some foreshadowing here??). I see Carolina as another team with some fantastic players (and recently.. some amazing, cool fans).. In DC.. the only real "rival" feel is Pitt (your history books tell ya why), Buff (well.. their fans and the most embarrasing nhl.com picture 2 years ago).. and recently.. the "juice" is back up for Philly (due to last year). As much as the NHL wants to "create rivalrys" between teams... it is all about the playoffs for that... I cannot think of any "ill will" or "hate" against any other SE team.... yet.. lol.. AND.. the caps have been through more "suck years" than the hurricanes have even existed.. (which may account for some of the "bad cap fans" I meet, know, hang out with).
  5. Well.. I am really happy that, if any of my fellow Caps Fan's did get outta line.. it wasn't really too far out of line (ok.. I personally was embarrased during the national anthem.. we have a few groups in DC that like to yell certain things during the anthem.. which to me has no place and is disgraceful.. and that little girl that sang it did an amazing job!!! Good for her!!) If we meet in the playoffs.. I hope to continue the heated, but friendly banter... and if anyone ever comes up to DC for a game.. hit me up if you have any questions on locations, where things are.. etc...
  6. <~~~~Hangs head in shame.. distancing himself from others with the same jersey on...
  7. Funny thing about their fans.... best way to keep their fans away and quiet... beat the team senseless.... I know around here.. the 1st Buff game was very ... somber.. (not road crews that traveled).. and we have ALOT of transplants here.. they show up with their old jerseys.. unfamiliar with 60% of the current line up on their team (had one joker near my Season Tickets this year talking to his friend all game about what a great captian Briere is......and how hard he plays... this year... ??? for Buff?????? wha wha wha??)... Our problem visit fans are Pitt.. but our owner Ted helped fix that problem on his end.. and a winning team sells more home fan tickets to fix the rest of it.
  8. LOL at the BBQ, a few of the Caps fans were making fun from a distance at ya my brother.. but that stopped when someone else from our group pointed out.. "so.. atleast they don't have someone that wears a cape everywhere he goes....... we lose everytime.......... we have a cape guy.. ugh.."
  9. Come up to Verizon Center... you will think we all are bad.. .. one of the worst environments for anyone supporting people from another team (and yea.. we can be worse than Philly.... they are usually nicer to visiting fans)..
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