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  1. Personally I thought we controlled the play for a decent amount of time, we just had mistakes that cost us big time, overall we didnt play horrible, but the mistakes that we did make were. A very winnable game. Game 7 should be a doozy.
  2. As a matter of fact I am still feeling confident even after this loss, we got owned, didnt even show up, this one will be easy to put behind us. Reminds me of the 06 game 6 Oilers game. Lets do it at home boys.
  3. Ill bet you a 1000$ that Brodeur gets a empty net goal at the end of the game. lulz. Ok that was mean, but dang, I dont think I can bare to watch it because of those poor devils fans at the end of the game, most of them didnt deserve that lol, in fact, I wouldnt put my own worst enemy through that.
  4. Very successful, 3rd on the list next to the cup years, considering what we have had to overcome in the season through coaching changes etc. Im very proud of the Canes regardless of what happens next....ok if we pull a NJ against the Bruins I might be angry lol. As for this series, its nice not having that 1st seed pressure, we have nothing to lose and everything to gain, not saying im throwing in the towel, quite the opposite, that makes us more dangerous, I like the situation we are in, in fact I love the situation we are in, its actually fun.
  5. Bottom line is we DO have a legit chance, lets leave it at that.
  6. Trust me when I say this, when you get stuck listening to some of the other announcers/commentators in this league, you WILL think differently. We are lucky, very lucky.
  7. Interestingly enough, myp2p is saying habsvision will have it on tonight, I guess because Florida can take 8th spot away from Montreal with a win. *edit* Ok so I cant post the link, but you got google and habsvision to work with ; )
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