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  1. I thought I saw her in a wheel chair, I was wondering what happened...Glad to know she's okay!
  2. yay and I am part of that 18% increase, (I'm a new hockey/Cane's fan)
  3. Thanks, I'm not a drinker, but don't mind going to watch the games at the sports places. Deadpool and I used to go watch WWF and WCW back in the day at BW3's and Professor O'Cools. DP, I'm gonna start recording the games that I am able to get...
  4. hey dude, nice to see you here. Still going on the 2nd?
  5. Jay, I'm not sure about satellite, but on Suddenlink its a channel called FSCR and home Hurricanes games come on there. I recorded tonight's game.
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