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  1. Being that every game now is a must when situation. Who would be your go to player? Who would you look to make the big play whether it be the big shot, the break away, or finding the open player for the assist? I know each situation would be unique but I was just wondering who you would want to have the puck.

  2. [quote name='Stealth-ch1 wrote:

    Evenstrength18']we've all been waiting for a trade to happen and it looks like JR has made a good move here. is it possible that wallin could be the next move.
    i know the trade with san jose didn't happen
    but did he decide not to waive his ntc?

    The trade with San Jose did happen. He's gone and already played a couple games with them. But yes, it would seem that another defenseman has to be on the move soon if we plan on putting Picard in the lineup (Please don't send down one of the rats to make room).

    ok. i have been gone for way too long. i need to catch up on things.


  3. I hate to see the Canes not playing to win while there are Rats that would love to come up and play at the NHL level. Play hard every game or stay home. Seriously doubt the playoffs are a possiblity but don't throw in the towel. Fans will not pay to go and see their teams if they are throwing the games. Just my opinion though.

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