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  1. Congrats to Staal! I would still like to see USA get the gold though.
  2. If the season is shot, some might think that there will be hope of removing MO.
  3. [quote name='fpsndiver wrote: schelle92']As much as I know that Eric Staal will eventually get the C, he doesn't deserve it. At least not the way he's played this year. For all you Staal people out there who say we couldn't have won the Cup without him, this is true. What has he done for us lately? He has been slow on the ice, a hot dogger on most shifts and has more turnovers than a bakery. Tim Gleason has shown his leadership, not only on the ice but in the locker room and in the media. He takes up for his teammates on the ice. We won't mention him coming back out after having his face sewn back together (I'm quite sure that Mr. All-Star Staal would not have done that). My vote is for Tim "Bamm Bamm" Gleason. Eh, Staal did do that this season. He had his ear ripped off by a puck, they sewed it back on, and he came out and scored a goal. Staalsy is in the runnin still too. I'm just a defense guy, I like Timmy better, but Staal has done some things for us lately, we have just forgotten them in this dismal season. I have to agree here. He had been playing with an injury and he is slowly coming back to form IMO. I would like to see how the rest of this season goes. If Staal can show that he can lead this team then i for one think he should get the "C".
  4. Not that many goals so far this season but he as been out injured. He is getting back into form. I can't see this happening.
  5. I hope he does get picked up somewhere he can get some ice time. He is a better goalie than i think most people give him credit for.
  6. Hopefully a month without any major injuries. Knock on wood.
  7. Good question.Atleast we finally see something happening. I've been checking the site everyday waiting for something new.
  8. not enough to make the playoffs but possibly enough to get out of the cellar. if the injuries continue even that seems difficult though.
  9. Cubbies fan here too and i have seen some very very disappointing seasons. these things happen.
  10. Great way to show the team that we support them even if they are struggling right now. It is already clear that the majority of the fan base is displeased with MO. IMO this would do more harm than good for the players themselves.
  11. Hope he is not rushing things. We need him yes but do not want to risk aggravating an injury and being sidelined for the rest of the season.
  12. I was concerned after that hit last season but he seems to have recovered from it in full force. His speed along with his vision on the ice is incredible. He has really kept this team afloat during all these injuries.
  13. It was nice to see Cole drop the gloves last night and stick up for himself after that hipcheck. He isn't much of a fighter but seeing that helped put some energy into the team.
  14. Considering that he came in to be a back up and now he is the starting goalie due to injuries. I think he is doing okay. He has made some mistakes but he is aware of them and has done better each game IMO. And yes he is doing a great job in the shoot outs (which seems to be a necessity right now)
  15. Corvo took slapshot on net Sutter, Ruutu and Cole crashed net. Cole picked up rebound.
  16. eventhough i don't think MO is the cause of all our problems i think that the shootout line up was worst decision yet. ....Canes continue to lose, fire Daniels and rehire Lavi
  17. I hope Staal is happy here. I am hoping that his poor play was just caused by the upper body injury. If Sutter keeps playing the way he is that may cause for some competition for the 1st line.
  18. That would be hilarious if we were able to win. Got my vote!
  19. I agree with calling up more rats. If we are dumping vets then we need to have youngsters with NHL experience. Atleast rotating them to give them each some time at NHL level.
  20. yeah, sutter to 2nd line whitney staal cole sammy sutter ruutu jussi cullen rosey kostopoulos brindy walker
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