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  1. i wear my Canes gear everygame day and all weekend. as a true fan i keep my head held high along with my flags. unfortunately i am not able to go to as many games as i would like. but i try to support in every way i can. Go Canes!!
  2. Well said. AWard and Wallin are done. Brindy needs to step down. They need to stop being so sentimental with the older players. We have appreciated everything done in the past but it is time to move on.
  3. Things will turn around. Just need to get that 1st win. Go Canes!!!
  4. Feel bad for Leights but if Manny has the "hot hand" we have to go with him.
  5. Also, hopefully Legace does well and when Cam returns we can keep him on as a backup and send Leights somewhere he could actually log some ice time because he really did not get that here.
  6. Good post. We do have to stay positive. Go Canes!!!
  7. I think this is a good move. Eventhough I think that Leights did a good job coming in for Cam on Saturday until the break down in the third (which was not really his fault, just poor defense) we need a goalie with NHL exprience. Legace is a little older than most of us have hoped for, atleast he brings some of that NHL exprience with a good record. Peters and Murphy will get their chance but for now lets go with someone who has the NHL games under his belt. Good Luck Manny and welcome to the Canes.
  8. I thought that he did a good job last night until after the first goal. After that the entire team shut down. I was hopeful the Leights would be able to perform the way he did against the Sharks last season but I guess that we need to look for a more solid backup.
  9. [quote name='formerwhalerfan wrote: Evenstrength18']I defintely agree about Brind'Amour, he should be stripped of his C and scratched for now. The last time this franchise stripped a Captain of his C it was Coach Rick Ley doing it to Ron Francis, and it was not the answer to fix the Whalers. It just shook the foundation of the whole team. Nothing good came of it. Any organization with class just doesn't do that to a veteran player that was key in winning the Teams only Stanley Cup. Brind'Amour has lost a step somehow but he is NOT dead weight. He is playing the game and struggling just as the entire team is. And as far as coaching, is the team not trying? Are they not skating? Are they not hitting? Are they not getting chances? Even in the blow out games they lost last weekend, they did not play that poorly and they even had several break away chances themselves. The past two games, I thought their defensive coverage was good. EVERY game EVERY team will give up chances against, give up breakaways against, take penalties, miss assignments, etc. It's a game of mistakes. A different coach cannot teach players how to put the puck in the net. The system the coach and his staff employs creates defense and offensive chances, but in the end the players themselves have to dent the twine. It does not seem like Brind'Amour is leading this team. Granted we cannot see what is going on in the locker room.
  10. Who could we pick up that could help us finish off these breakaways that we can't seem to capitalize on?
  11. Would this franchise be able to survive sand bagging for 5 yrs though?
  12. I defintely agree about Brind'Amour, he should be stripped of his C and scratched for now. I was trying to give MO a chance here for a while but it is really getting difficult. If MO goes then we will be paying MO and Lavi for coaching. Could we really afford another coach or would we give Francis/Rowe/Daniels a chance?
  13. [quote name='jmburre wrote: 10DollarTH']I'll be there, if there are less than 10,000 people then I don't want to hear anymore people complaining when other teams fans call us bandwagon fans. I'll be there too. I'm driving 4 hours to see a last place team play. For better or worse, I'm a Caniac. I'm excited to see Boychuk and Sutter place even though I'm not sure about Mo's lines. I'll be there. Go Canes!!!!!!! Please win
  14. They will. May take some changes in personel but things will get turned around.
  15. Staal. I hope he can shape up before then.
  16. Instead of breaking the worst record or the least points do you think it is possible to have the greatest come back. Not sure what that record is but I am trying to stay as positive as possible. I can't lose hope yet (as tough as it is) that they can get back to atleast .500. Does anyone know what the record is for the worst team to make a comeback?
  17. This will be a great chance for Boychuck to show if he is ready for NHL. I am hoping that having Sutter in the line up will help the transition as well. Let's go young Canes.
  18. I agree with CanesGrrrl on this one. Just getting rid of MO is not going to solve all of the problems this team is facing. Complete lack of leadership on and off the ice for example. We need a Captin that can take control and lead this team, i do not see Brindy doing this right now. And simply shuffling the lines over and over is not working either. The players need to know that their positions are not set in stone. Some need to be reminded that they have to fight for their spot by being sent down or scratched. Coaching is part of the problem but not the entire issue here.
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