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  1. Nice line.. Does that make Lindholm the center? I believe TT has experience at center, as well. It would nice to see Lindholm get ample time at center.. Skinner Rask Stempniak Nordstrom Staal Stalberg Aho Lindholm TT Bickell McClement Nestrasil
  2. Random question: Did Jordan Staal ever say he's committed to Raleigh? I remember around the time his brother was dealt, he wouldn't say whether or not he was committed. I remember Ron Francis said something along the lines of giving JStaal some time away to think about what he wants. I was just wondering if there were any updates.
  3. If Gauthier was top 9 ready, that would be a huge help. In many ways, I'm more excited about Gauthier than I am Bean.
  4. I like PDG; I'm just not sure where he fits in.
  5. A line of Skinner Rask TT just sounds...small to me. Seems like that's a line that can be pushed around quite a bit.
  6. Well, obviously Stempniak is not 1st line talent, but he's still a solid player; and I would like to see him with Skinner. Is Stalberg top 6 talent? And is Lindholm ready for center? That's a pretty young 3rd line.. There are still plenty of questions, and I'm sure the lines will be shuffled plenty. Hopefully Gauthier progresses quickly. We really need his size on the RW.
  7. Skinner Rask Stempniak Nordstrom Staal Stalberg Aho Lindholm Teravainen Bickell McClement Nestrasil Hanifin Faulk Slavin Pesce Hainsey Murphy Ward Lack
  8. Brouwer is my number 1 target, as well. I'm still wondering if there will be a big splash of some kind.
  9. I think there could be something to this. Of course, it all depends on the asking price. I feel like if anything like this was going to happen, it would have happened during the draft; but I could be wrong.
  10. I'm torn on Backes.. He would be great, but I'm worried about $ and years he would want...plus he's definitely not young
  11. I would be okay with one of Troy Brouwer or Jason Chimera..not to fill in as a top 6er, tho
  12. Stamkos would be ideal; however, I agree, his contract would be small market suicide. Through FA, I think we could see one of the following first lines: Skinner Rask Okposo Ladd Rask Skinner Skinner Rask Vanek Perron Rask Skinner We DO have plenty of dmen to trade, as well..
  13. My guess: Skinner Rask FA/Trade Nordstrom JStaal TT Aho Lindholm FA/Trade Bickell McClement PDG
  14. Still very curious to see what RF does with the middle ice and goalie..
  15. Jordan Staal is a less offensive Brind'Amour. Can he reach 30 goals? I think it's possible, but not probable. The line of Nordstrom JStaal Nesty is fun to watch, and I wouldn't split them up; but of course, that's not a top line. Carolina doesn't really have a top line. Is Rask ready to be a 1st line center...?
  16. Two things: 1-Who do you guys think is more suitable to be the 3rd line center: Ryan or Lindholm? Also, would you guys consider packaging Lindholm and Fleury for a 1st line center?
  17. Use Skinner in a deal to get a 1st line center? Maybe they'll try to throw a lot of money at Stamkos..
  18. This is what I was trying to get at. My concern is whether or not he'll request it. I hope he doesn't. Realistic chances the Canes go after 1 of Stamkos or Okposo? They will have plenty of cap room, with EStaal and Ward off the books..
  19. He's been great. However, a big reason why JStaal came to Carolina was to play with his brother. If Eric leaves, does Jordan want out? Also, it may just be time for the Canes to go Staal-less...a new direction..
  20. I suppose EStaal's latest comments is an indicator he'll be traded.. I'm honestly leaning towards the opinion of trading both Staals. I think it's time for a brand new direction. Trade both Staal's; offer Stamkos $10mil a year.
  21. Okposo would be great. But he's going to get a lot of money in free agency...I'm not sure if he's actually worth what he will get.
  22. I kind of agree. I see RF trading EStaal and then resigning him for around $6mil for 3 years. It's nice to talk to you guys again.
  23. Agreed. Whether or not it's okay, I just don't see management trading LaRose. Could definitely see him slide down the fourth line, though. Nodl hasn't looked bad, at all. Maybe try him on the third line? IMO, Jokinen has looked a lot like LaRose. Would love to pick up a third line center and maybe move Jokinen up with Skinner and J.Staal. Hate to say it, but Cullen, anyone? He might jump-start LaRose.. just saying.. Cullen and Setoguchi, who has been moved down the 4th line in Minny?
  24. Would be nice. Does he play the left side or the right? Random hockey question - do defenders basically pick what side they are more comfortable with, or is it if they are left handed they will most likely play the left side?
  25. I understand all of that. My point is what was Boychuk's future plans within this organization? I didn't and still don't see any room for him now or in the future.
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