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  1. Craps and Ovenchicken (for such a hitter is about as lame as it gets). Pleazzzze, get over yourself. What part of I read these mb's do you not understand? Cocky? Excuse me for supporting my local team. What's wrong with an average team? In most leagues, most seasons, that describes about half the teams. Bouncing around .500 - does Raleigh expect a SC contender every other season? Won't happen. This is a 30 team league. In an age of relative team parity, it won't happen to hardly any franchise. You're using the same - to use your respectful words - stupid response style as EricNCSU does. You set up a straw man, then try to look brilliant by attacking it. Go back and read my post after taking a reading comp course - throw in a critical thinking seminar. You don't know me - I AM very expereinced w/many mb's. I know that many posters wax & wane from extremes re their teams, etc. I think - and said - that many on here were too negative about the Canes a month+ ago. Now that they have had a very good month, why bring on anybody - especially the Caps. It's the other extreme and comical. I see this on all sport mb's so don't think I'm picking on you. Frankly of all the NHL mb's I go to, this is the easiest to keep up with, and has the least amount of opposing fans posting. Based on some of the responses I've seen, you guys are quite thin skinned. It explains why this is a fairly dead mb. The Caps mb makes this look like Philly's You act like I'm trolling. Maybe you have vey little mb experience, b/c if you think I was dissing the Canes you don't know what trolling is. Many on here refer to the Caps as the Craps. OK, some do that kind of grade school taunting on many mb's. You did not see me using such antics. If the Caps are "craps", what were the Canes most of this season - the toilet flushes as per your logo? OMG, many posters here were ready to throw Wardo and Eric "I'm no longer stalling" under the bus not long ago. Now they're "great". Of course Ward is going to talk up his team mates - are you that naive? When Wardo crashes down to earth, the same will happen to the "deep" Canes. Just trying to keep you grounded You don't have a response to most of my comments b/c I'm right. More straw man bs... I wrote that the Canes were an average team when many on here were dumping on them. Of course they're better now. Can you or EricNCSU or somebody answer and comprehend this question? Don't answer your own questions. Answer or analyze mine in a few words or paragraphs. I don't care how short or long the answer is. You say most of you are very respectful. Well don't say it, act like it ! If Wardo & Theo perform about the same in a playoff series, who do you think will win a series between the Caps & Cayyyyynes. Give a few probabilities under different scenarios if you want. Is that too hard? If you think this is "disrespectful" then: 1. take a look at what others on here write, and 2. stay among the few dozen who regularly post on here.
  2. Noted that I pulled for the Canes in the playoffs (and from NC) and that's your opening? Homer? What the hell are you - unbiased?! I'll respond more like someone from Charlotte & metro DC. I already noted the Canes are playing well. Guess what? It's an 82 game schedule, and the early games count as much as the latter games <_< The Canes have had their share of humiliating losses too. Else why would you be in 2nd place to the "fading" Caps? And you call me a homer Quit projecting. Yeah, and you guys finally have some wins - SUPER. It's well known that the Caps have played very well vs top teams and have a tendency to play down to lower teams - especially when you have a #3 or better seed almost locked up. Also, teams with hot streaks during the last month of the season don't necessarily do well in the playoffs - unless they've been a wire to wire powerhouse. The Canes just don't fit that description. The Caps last season is one of many, many examples of very hot teams not being able to sustain their momentum. Sorry if that rains on your parade. The Canes may or may not do well in the playoffs. At this point it's all probabilities. Nobody knows for sure - not even someone of your caliber (cough). I did not say that. Cut the straw man bs. Some of your own announcers said in effect that "everybody" knows that Ward has been the main reason for the Canes resurgence. I suppose he doesn't know what you know I thought Brindy needed to be put out of his misery. I must have been reading an alternative universe Canes mb earlier. Gosh darn it ! Your resident "superstar" ES is no longer stalling - I'll give you that. Without Wardos recent play, the Canes wouldn't be able to take chances breaking out quickly and on offense. It's called confidence in your last line of defense. A huge plus in this sport. Huet provided that for the Caps last season - and almost in the playoffs. For your sake, Ward will have to keep it going. They said the same thing about the Caps last season. It's what they say in all sports about a team that turns their season around. I thought you knew that. It's called marketing and hype. Like the Canes w/o Wardo standing on his head
  3. OK, a brief "bio". Hockey is my fav sport - always has been. I used to follow everything to a degree, but now the NHL is pretty much the only team sport I follow. I have other interests & hobbies. Have followed hockey for decades and I go back to the USENET days in th 90s reading various teams boards - mostly in the Eastern Conf. I'm originally from that city in Mecklenburg (don't hate me ), but have been in the metro DC area for 10+ years. Given the above, and that I want hockey to succeed in the south, I pulled for the Canes during their playoff appearances in '02 & their SC run in '06. Btw, I attended the Canes opener in Greensboro. I read many teams msg boards - mostly: Caps, Canes, the 2 PA teams, NYR, the big 2 Canadian teams, etc. I'm opening w/this so the usual smart *edit* don't give the "who are you bs". I'm very experienced w/many types of msg boards, from political to sports to others. There seems to be the same types of posters in all of them. The percentages of each type don't even vary that much. You're a heavy poster and uhh, quite the analyst it seems. Now I'm going to give you a go. Hope you take it well. This seems to be a fairly well moderated board. I almost joined a month+ ago to take other Canes fans to task for their doom n gloom attitude re the Canes. I was going to post that the Canes are an average team that will just make or miss the playoffs. Those days some on here were suggesting the Canes tank the rest of the season to get into the lottery... now many of you are chomping at the bit to play the "struggling" <_< Caps in the post season. What a difference a hot month makes. Now the Canes are a solid team on a run and will make the playoffs - probably around #5. The Caps are 6-2-2 in their L10 (they were 7-2-1 before the OTL to Buffalo last nite). I think you're confusing the Caps w/Jersey or some other team. If 6-2-2 is struggling then what is the Canes recent 7-1-2? Fair to party cloudy?! The Caps had a rough patch a few weeks ago. Hell, the Wings lost 8-0 around that time too. So what, they'll be #2 in the West. Mar 12 & 14, the "fading" Caps beat Philly in their bld and the suddenly "invincible" Canes 5-4 in a SO. Canes won the return in Raleigh. This season (points) the Caps are: 6-4 vs NJ, 7-3 vs #1 Beez, 7-2 vs Pens. The Canes just edged the Caps 7-6, and we all know which team was most desperate for pts during the seasons 2nd half. Yes the Pens are better w/Gonch's return & the Guerin addition. Don't talk injuries b/c the Caps had more than their share early in the season (no big thing just Green & Semin)... but kept winning w/AHL d-men. Since mid season it was clear that the Caps would finish #2 or 3 in the East. Hard to be up for every game when you're virtually wired into a top playoff seed (running away w/your div). The Canes have done very well lately, but if Wardo cools off, the Canes will go back to being that average team - nothing more or less. Here's the deal. There was this hot team last season - one of the hottest in the entire NHL - that had a remarkable late season drive to just nip some team to win their division and make the playoffs. They played a tough opening rival and barely lost in game 7 in OT. Everyone who follows the sport knows the Caps deficiencies (d & inconsistent net minding). They also have one of the most potent offenses in the NHL. You tend to when you have the best forward and o-fensive d-men in the entire league, plus Semin, Backs,... Look, if Theo performs close to Wardos play, the Caps should beat the Canes in a series. Not a small "if" but if he does I'd say the Caps would beat the Canes 80% of the time. Even if Ward slightly outplays Theo, the Caps can beat the Canes in a series. Hockey is very goalie dependant (too much IMHO). If the goalie on a moderate underdog team clearly outplays the opposing goalie, the underdog team will usually win. THAT is your biggest hope. Anyway, try to get your facts straight about the "struggling" Caps and be careful what you wish for PS - hope the game tonite is a good one.
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