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  1. I was new to Canes hockey this year and went to a few games in late 08 and caught the bug and then went to almost every game from Jan 15th on. Not knowing about the playoff price increases and being a overall hockey newby, I was oblivious to the 3 year price freeze and didn't realize it was such a good deal, especially if we made the playoffs. With the 2 year price freeze ending last night at 5 pm I couldn't pull the trigger until I knew we beat Boston. Luckily I called at 9 am this morning and picked up two 12 game packages which gave me the opportunity to by playoff strips at a good discount. I'm still super jealous of the lower level people paying $85 a game but i figured for $110 ($65 savings per ticket) this round and $160 ($140 savings per ticket) for round 4 when we make it I was still getting a deal. When we go to round 4 and win in game 6 I will have saved $615 per ticket overall. That's almost 2/3rds of the cost of each 12 ticket package. Plus I got to pick my favorite section, row and got aisle seats. I think the row and aisle seats was just plain dumb luck! Like I stated I'm new to all of this playoff pricing but I thought the Canes organization did a great job of leaving many options out there for people to guarantee playoff tickets for rounds 3 and 4 at a discounted price.
  2. True, but as it pertains to the skit played at the game, which is what caused this craze, the cowbell is an instrument or as wikipedia would say: The cowbell is an idiophone hand percussion instrument used in various styles of music including salsa and infrequently in popular music. It is named after the similar bell historically used by herdsmen to keep track of the whereabouts of cows. I'm all in favor of the ones used as an instrument with a drum stick. The other ones annoy me. Why I don't know they just do.
  3. I rather enjoy the cowbells but ONLY during the SNL skit. At no other time should they be used. Plus please get the ones like they use in the skit and hit it with a drumstick. The other ones are what I find annoying, play a real cowbell if you're going to do it. My wife takes one every once in a while but hasn't the last 2 games as it is a little harsh on the ears. Plus since it's packed in the RBC she doesn't want to upset anyone. That should be the major point of this discussion. If you have a cowbell, play it with respect to others around you.
  4. True on your first statement, but if you searched Friday at noon there were no lower level seats available. Standing room only was all that was available. Throughout the day on Friday the Canes and NHL release tickets that were reserved and then not needed. So depending on when you look, you can see different tickets for sale. After a few minutes they sell. The game was sold out. I saw at least 20 people outside trying to buy tickets. I'm sure you weren't there or you would know how packed and loud it really was. Then again I wouldn't want to be a Boston fan in your shoes either. Just do us a favor and stick to your boards. Go Canes. Lets win tonight!
  5. I almost feel like I'm going to disappoint somebody by saying this, but no it wasn't me who called into the after game radio show. I wish I would have heard it though. Sounds like it must have been interesting. It appears that my understanding of Johnson Lexus having a large # of seats in that area is incorrect. The person who sold me two tickets earlier this year in the section said they came from Johnson Lexus when he bought his car. So by assumption I thought most the section must be theirs. My only complaint was that the section seemed empty when the rest of the RBC was packed. I completely understand that they are more expensive then most seats in the RBC. I've sat on the glass for 3 games this year and am fine paying for the priveledge. What bothers me is that you can tell by just looking that the section isn't sold out, yet you can't buy the tickets at ticketmaster or the RBC box office. What's it take to get to buy those tickets? Also, I noticed they didn't take any one from the 300 section and move them in the Lexus section last night like they normally do. Wonder why? As far as people yelling in your ear or spilling beer on you at games. I've been to every home game in 2009 and have never had a fan spill on me or curse in my ear. The only not so pleasant experience I've had was a female Buffalo fan who was whistling so loud her kids were asking her to stop. I grabbed my wife some ear plugs and chalked it up to hockey. My whole point of my original post is that at time when we are in the playoffs, we should be packing the house. It's sad to see that section be so empty. Kinda makes the RTP look foolish. You won't see that in DC, Pittsburgh, Philly or NJ.
  6. I'm interested and sent you and e-mail. thanks.
  7. After buying jerseys at a few places other than the Eye, I've realized that no one has jerseys as nice as the EYE. They are always the best looking jerseys available. Plus you can get the season holder discount 10% (if your not one, ask a friend who is to use their card) or wait for the end of the year sale and get 30% off. Not to mention the money directly supports the Canes vs some random website storefront owner.
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