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  1. Think of how many times Malkin rushed the puck up the ice and slowed as he turned across the defense and dropped to a trailing teammate, or slowed and passed wide to a winger who then hit the opposite side winger with an open net or clear shot. There's more to it than racing willy nilly in the attack zone -- not that you were saying it was.
  2. The Wings and the Pens looked like the Republicans and the Democrats. The Wings play safe, sound, conservative hockey while the Pens play balls-to-the-wall wide open, whole ice hockey. The game wasn't nearly as close as the 4-2 score. The Pens style reminds me of a full court pressing basketball team that scores some easy goals and scores them in bunches when the wheels come off for their opponent. Like they did against the Canes. The Canes -- that would be the coaches and the players -- were not prepared. This is not a reflection on coaching ability because all their opponents were unprepared -- the Caps, the Wings, the whole bunch of them. We're seeing the hockey version of the Urban Meyer (UF football) spread offence running wide open. You have to have the horses to press and run the spread. The Pens have the horses to play their wide open, full ice brand of hockey. The other observation from the Pens/Wings games is that the Pens -- all of them -- hit every chance they get. Not the big players or the D-men but all the Pens. Malkin leads the pack and Crosby is close behind. If hockey goes the way other sports go, expect 2 things: 1. What the Pens are doing will be copied by other teams and 3. The defences will catch up and eventually equalize the advantages the Pens enjoy now. In the mean time I would lure one of the Pens assistant coaches to come and teach the Canes staff what the Pens are doing. Failure to counter the Pens style will only mean ending the season sooner rather than later. It's going to take more than a bunch of cliche's such as "lite a fire under them" to beat the Pens. All things being equal, fires will be lite under all the teams.
  3. If I were GM, I'd have a heart to heart talk with my HC, whoever he is, about the wusses on my team. Trade for "big, physical players?" What we need is players like Tuomo Ruutu, guys with big hearts. I'd find a Herb Brooks type coach to "train" my team. Games against the Sharks would be a walk in the park, a day off from the physical practices. The Bruins felt it but we quit on the Pens and they pounded our rears. Here's a list of some of the Detroit Red Wings Forwards that aren't all that big. Have you seen #43 play? This guy is a holy terror. He's a LaRose with skills. 13 Pavel Datsyuk "A" 5' 11" 194 33 Kris Draper "A" 5' 10" 188 51 Valtteri Filppula 6' 0" 193 43 Darren Helm 5' 11" 172 21 Ville Leino 6' 0" 182 40 Henrik Zetterberg "A" 5' 11" 195 The 5' 11" 195 lb. Zetterberg, has blanketed Crosby on every shift, holding him to a single point and a minus-2 rating through 71 shifts in three games." Detroit's # 1 D pair? 5 Nicklas Lidstrom "C" 6' 1" 189 28 Brian Rafalski 5' 10" 191 The 2nd and 3rd pairs are out of this group of bruisers. OK, Stewart is fair sized, about like our Gleason 24 Chris Chelios 6' 0" 191 52 Jonathan Ericsson 6' 4" 206 55 Niklas Kronwall 6' 0" 189 22 Brett Lebda 5' 9" 195 23 Brad Stuart 6' 2" 213 For reference here's a list of our D-men. I'm beginning to think we don't need bigger D-men, we need smaller, quicker D-men who know how to play and can keep track the Malkins and Crosbys. 33 Anton Babchuk 6' 5" 212 May 6, 1984 25 Kiev, UKR 77 Joe Corvo 6' 0" 204 Jun 20, 1977 31 Oak Park, IL, USA 6 Tim Gleason 6' 0" 217 Jan 29, 1983 26 Clawson, MI, USA 5 Frantisek Kaberle 6' 0" 190 Nov 8, 1973 35 Kladno, CZE 25 Joni Pitkanen 6' 3" 200 Sep 19, 1983 25 Oulu, FIN 4 Dennis Seidenberg 6' 1" 210 Jul 18, 1981 27 Schwenningen, DEU 7 Niclas Wallin 6' 3" 220 Feb 20, 1975 34 Boden, SWE 27 Brett Carson 6' 4" 220 Nov 29, 1985 23 Regina, SK, CAN 29 Bryan Rodney 6' 0" 200 Apr 22, 1984 25 London, ON, CAN 38 Tim Conboy 6' 2" 210 Mar 22, 1982 27 Farmington, MN, USA
  4. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer and I haven't read all the posts to see if this has been questioned before BUT it looks to me like this would put our cap at a little less than 44 million (42 million + the raises). As GM one of us ought to be fired.
  5. Regarding the 4-0 sweep, of course like every other Canes fan I was disappointed. I will say that I thought the Canes were competitive -- with in 1 goal in the 3rd except the 4th game and they never gave up, played hard the entire game. I said before the playoffs if they did that, I'd be satisfied. I am. My concerns are with 09 now.
  6. Sounds like JR was disgusted with Babs. I know I was. My conditions of satisfaction for Babs would be: get in the weight room and gain 10 lbs of muscle before camp. Then demonstrate a commitment to finishing his checks or check out. Adding size would be great but what many of our forwards need to do is look in the mirror. These guys aren't big in size but are big in heart and will hit your in a heart beat. Chad LaRose 5' 10" 181, Scott Walker 5' 10" 196, Ryan Bayda 5' 11" 185, Patrick Eaves 5' 11" 190, And not one of them 6' tall or over 200 lbs. Some games we got it and some we don't. I'd get the game film of Detroit at home against the Pens and have all of Crosby's ice time on a CD for the forwards to watch. No, not for what Crosby does but to see how well he skates and shots wearing Zetterberg for 20 minutes. And everybody hit Malkin who I can no longer stand. "Whatever it takes" describes the Wings.
  7. The only change I would make is the description of Timmy diving flat on his stomach and stretching to keep the puck in the zone, somehow willing himself to his knees as he slid and pulling the puck to his stick for a perfect pass to the tape on Pitkanen's stick. The rest pretty much says it.
  8. The one play that sticks out in my mind in all the 18 playoff games is Tim Gleason diving on the ice, stretching his stick out to keep the puck in the zone, sliding up to his knees and just before the defender could knock the puck away, made the perfect pass to Pitkanen who fed Jussi for the tying goal in game 7 of the first round. Yeah, Joni found Jussi wide open for the goal, but without the all out effort by Timmy, we are going home. And he's as close as we get to having a lock-down D-man. IMNSHO
  9. 1) Playoffs MVP? (Pick one from all series combined) Cam 2) Unsung Hero? (Pick one who really stepped up and got very little credit) Bayda 3) Most likely to get the big pay raise next year? (I have a feeling we'll all agree on this one) LaRose 4) Probably played his way out of a contract? (I have a feeling we'll all disagree on this one) Babchuk 5) The player that is the Top Priority for JR to re-sign? Ruutu 6) Biggest disappointment Corvo, I expected more shots out of Corvo -- non factor PP
  10. I was at the game last night but just did not have any interest in posting about it. This morning life is not as bleak so I have a few observations/opinions: There were too many deficiencies to overcome the likes of Crosby and Malkin. If I were rating the 2, I'd say Malkin and Crosby. Call Staal what you may, I didn't see a superstar last night or to be honest, I don't think I've ever seen what I'd call a superstar wearing #12. We just don't have a superstar on our team, someone you can count on to score when he has the chance, someone who strikes fear into the hearts of the opposition. I saw too many soft forwards, i.e., don't finish their checks consistently if at all: Whitney, Brindy, Jussi, Cullen, Sammy, and even Staal. (Recently I thought I had seen some of that with Sammy. It may have been there but I just don't recall seeing it last night.) We have some bangers on our 3rs and 4th lines but they get retaliated against and the refs are NOT protecting 3rd and 4th liners. And Ruutu, Bayda and Walker are marked men. Beat them up and we are done with the big hits. We attack done the wings, and nothing is happening. Attack wise we are one trick ponies. True about every 10 games we score like Staal did to beat NJ. I read where statistics show goals are scored primarily down the middle. Malkin started down the right side, slowed and turned across the middle, dropped a pass to Fedotenko for an uncontested shot through a screen created by Malkin and our defenders. Perhaps if we TRIED coming across the middle occasionally, the rush to the corners might be more effective. I think that Mo and Ron and Tom have done an outstanding job coaching this team. Maybe our skill level dictates what we do. Maybe I am too critical but I'd say that the Pens are the best coached team I've seen. Maybe not the best team but the coaching is undeniably extraordinary. The Pens PP LOOKs dangerous. They have space and time to execute. Our PP looks ordinary. We look like WE are on the PK, not the Pens. I don't know enough about hockey to know what I am seeing half the time, but we look like we are mentally beaten on the PK against the Pens. There is time and space for the Pens to exploit. Any second I fear a pass that results in a goal. Crosby and Malkin have time and space. The Pens PP is run by their best players from down low where passes to sticks are dangerous chances. Our PP is run by our defensemen and Cullen from the points. We pass back and forth, taking few one-timers but mostly collecting the pass -- often after fumbling it and look up and see the lanes blocked. We seem to kill our own penalty opportunities. I'm sure the Pens have a lot to do with that. I'm done. See ya Tuesday at the game -- cheering for the Canes no matter what. At the end if we are losing, I'll be on my feet as loud as I can be thanking the Canes for a wonderful ride to the ECPs. :wub: those Canes.
  11. I thought I saw that and wondered if anyone else did. Couldn't watch the recording -- Dancing with the Stars is a high priority for some in my house. Looked like Cooke stuck his knee out to hit Cole. Egan doesn't normally skate with his feet 5' apart either -- stuck his leg in between Ruutu's and got his knee. I wonder if "what goes around, comes around?"
  12. Ok, now you've done it. That's it. Leaving Rutherford out. Seriously, didn't JR play for Pittsburg?
  13. Don't be ridiculous. Charlotte would never keep the Flyers name.
  14. The genius of our management... we play on different ice than the Bruins...
  15. "Close" is loser talk. Are they talking about how "close" we were to leading by about 5 goals? (Bing Chow, not a crack on your post, a crack on those who like to talk about 'how close...'
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