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  1. Before I get back to work (yes, work on Good Friday/Passover sucks), I just wanted to post a quick conclusion to my earlier comments... I appreciate the feedback and the opportunity to post to this board. This has been more-or-less therapeutic for me. I sincerely wish you the best in the playoffs. I wish my team was in the same position as you. I'll be watching using the Center Ice 8-games-at-once feature for most of it since I have no vested interest anymore, so I'll be sure to catch what I can. There will be a lot of interesting matchups, thats for sure. I hope that at some point we can get over the '06 playoffs and how a few people behaved. It was the Conference Finals, both sides were heated, I'm sorry for what happened but I simply wasn't there. From this, I don't think its fair to be lumped in with those same bad apples. There's resentment on both sides over that, but that's not a rivalry. Rivalries aren't built on destruction of property or personal assault but rather: geographic proximity (Sabres and Leafs), a large opposing fan base (Sabres and Hurricanes), frequency of games played in the regular season (division rivalries), or back-and-forth elimination from the playoffs (Sabres and Senators). I don't know what to tell you about going to HSBC Arena. I have Sabres season tickets (yes, I didn't give them up when I moved, the waitlist is 8000 strong), if you're ever in the area shoot me a PM. Sabres-Leafs games are the closest thing we have to the kind of rivalry fan base you get at Sabres-Hurricanes games at HSBC Arena. In all honesty, I've bought Leafs fans there a few (Labatt) Blues and sat down to talk about the game. Its a rivalry sure, but we have mutual respect - neither of us have won a Cup since the Sabres inception 39 years ago (Leafs won in '67). I don't expect to be given free reign, but I don't expect to be asked to sit down by an usher and subjected to the other aforementioned actions either. Verbal abuse at a hockey game? Sure, within reason, i.e. about the game at hand rather than my hometown. Sexual harassment? Absolutely not. I think these are things that we can all agree upon. I again thank you for the feedback, which has been mostly very constructive. I hope that in the very least if you see me riding home from work today with my Sabres shirt on, you won't try to hit me with your car. :-) Continue to comment on your own, if I get an opportunity to during work, I might stop back. But I should probably retire back to my Sabres' forums before this turns into a flame war. I look forward to next season, hopefully another year with the inexcusable behavior in the '06 series behind us will be another step closer to us getting over it. Due to my career path, I know I will be in the area for another 3 years minimum, so the earlier, the better! Enjoy your postseason, your team deserves it!
  2. Atlanta isn't on my list of previously-visited NHL arena, but that doesn't mean that negatively portraying the city from which the opponents team hails is right. Its not sportsmanship, and making insults towards my hometown is just over the line, I don't think I'm just being thin skinned. Yessir, I was aware. The people around me were not however, they specifically would point to the sign and make comments about our elimination. How does one report half the people in a section? Or the people sitting adjacent to me? What would have been the response had I done this? The people I had been more or less kowtowing to would write me off all over again. I just wanted to go to the hockey game, and cheer for my team. I shouldn't *have* to report anything to security is my point. As I had mentioned, I probably will be writing the RBC Center about this, your comments are much appreciated.
  3. Apparently my reply wasn't fast enough :-). Again, I'm not the rude man with the flag.
  4. Sorry, to do this across multiple posts. I felt my first post was necessary to quickly defend myself from that accusation. I refer to my original argument. I paid for the ticket, why should wearing an opposing team's colors be cause for me to be asked to sit down and a National Hockey League game??? You can imagine my outrage as to this, especially considering my sister (who is 5'0") who drove down from Buffalo was the victim of sexual harassment and assault at the hands of your fans. I think its interesting to note that if I had defended her in the same fashion canesfan93420 is suggestion, I would promptly be written off as another unruly slug fan. The point of my argument, no matter how much class I can show at the RBC Center, I will immediately be stereotyped by your fans as a jerk. I'm at a hockey game, I'm not going to be one of those fans that sits the entire game, keeps quiet and doesn't react to the play on the ice. If I'm cheering for my team when they're up 5-0 while maintaining courtesy towards the fans around me, you have no cause to call me expletives, sexually harass my family, or tell me to "sit down and watch the game". Unfortunately, I did see it, and it wasn't deserved is the point of my complaint.
  5. I must immediately nip this comment in the bud...I was not this individual. The only time I stood up to cheer was during Sabre goals, Roy's penalty shot (everyone else was standing as well), and for the final minute (to cheer my team off the ice). This is when I was approached by an usher. I was not waving a flag, nor was I in possession of one. I am sorry that this particular fan was not courteous of the puck-in-play rules generally understood by most people in the league. I was not that individual. I was sitting in sect 318, Row J, Seat 8 if you need me to specify. The only time I stood while the puck was in play (aside from Roy's penalty shot) was in the final minute, as it is generally customary to cheer the final minute of a goalie's shutout (or attempted in this case).
  6. I was also disappointed in the Sabres fan attendance last night. My sister drove in specifically for the game, and I had talked it up as the last 3 sabres-hurricanes games the Sabres fans were at least 1/3 of the total capacity. Usually we fill the seats but I know several people that didn't go to the game because they wanted to watch the Ranger game at the same time. Our poor attendance last night can be attributed, in part to the scheduling and in part to the fact that we had a 2.1% chance of making the playoffs at that point. And to be fair, when the second intermission was over, I thought the same thing about the 'Canes fans.
  7. Yes, I have heard similar things. I have heard it from Sabres fans and Hurricanes fans. Let me just say that (again second hand information as I wasn't there) it wasn't just the Sabres fans that were misbehaving, I heard plenty of bad things about the Hurricanes loss in Game 1 in particular. I was at HSBC Arena for Games 3, 4, and 6, there were no Hurricanes fans around me at these games, so I cannot attest to their behavior in Buffalo. I almost made the trip down for game 7, but was moving from Buffalo to Albany that day and really couldn't justify the expense - from everything I've heard, I'm pretty glad I didn't attend. I can't apologize for what happened in that series. I know it was disgraceful, disgusting, pathetic, rude, and a bad image to display (again, from the people in blue and the people in red). But just as I was criticized for making a blanket statement earlier regarding your fans. I ask that you consider the same. I've been to a few other games at the RBC this year as part of their Group Leader promotions, vs Nashville, TB, Montreal (when I say 4th game, I should specify 4th Sabres game at the RBC Center, apologies). The Canes fans at those game are much more respectful of their opponents at those games than games against Buffalo. I guess that comes as a consequence of what happened 3 years ago. I hope that at some point we can "bury the hatchet" and get over it. You're always going to see available seats stuffed with Blue and Gold in games against Buffalo - its hard for Buffalo fans to lose allegiance to their hometown teams. In addition, the Bills will be in Charlotte this fall, so you can expect us out there. If we buy the tickets, we deserve to be able to cheer for our team in a respectful and courteous way. We ask for courtesy and respect in turn.
  8. Yes, you are all correct. And thank you for your sympathy. First off, you are correct about my framing of expletives, I apologize. If you look at the timestamp of the post, it was very late at night. I was very annoyed with the situation (particularly what my sister from Buffalo had endured) and I had been blowing off some steam. I know I'll be back to the RBC, the next 6 months will probably heal these wounds. This isn't an excuse, but I do apologize for my heated comments. Believe me when I say that my original flow of thought had to be edited several times to get to that product. Lumping you all in the same category as the bad apples is also not a good way to go about it, and I again apologize. But to be honest, I was getting it from pretty much every angle last night. To say that there were a few bad apples is one thing, but the people that allowed me to cheer for my team (eventually) were people I had to talk to, load up with positive complements about how well your team was playing overall, take a few "licks" about the playoffs *first* before I could even cheer for my team without sneers or derisive and backhanded comments from them. Needless to say, by the time the 5th goal had come around, despite these efforts, people weren't very pleased that I was around, and let me know it. I wasn't here in 2006, but from the stories I have heard from 'Canes and Sabres fans alike, I certainly can't defend what happened during that playoff series by either fan base. It was the playoffs, a lot of crazy things happen (not an excuse). Seeing as how that was the last playoff series you guys were in that had a fair proportion of transplants going to games (not familiar with the numbers for Edmonton) I'm sure that has left a bitter taste in your mouth for Buffalo fans the last few years. Perhaps during these playoffs you'll get an even worse group of fans to come down, and we'll be "off the hook". I'm certainly not hoping for that, btw, just a passing thought. In the past, even the RBC Center scoreboard/"Jumbotron" attempts to display the city of Buffalo in a negative light: - "As part of the stimulus package, President Obama offered to give Buffalo to Canada...and Canada politely refused" (the game on 26 Feb 2009) - They put up the National Weather Service forecast for the city of Raleigh and then the city of Buffalo (the game on 8 March 2008). The weather in Raleigh was sunny and warm, Buffalo was drizzly and cold. Specifically making mention of these things as they were just attacks on the city of Buffalo, I'm not even referring to the numerous negative references to our new logo (which no one is a fan of, even in Buffalo, believe me). Sure, they're silly and shouldn't be taken seriously, but if you want to get your fans excited say something positive about your team! Acting negatively towards the opposing team's *hometown* is not a acceptable way to promote your team. I grew up in that city but my career took me here, I love Buffalo. I'm sure there are a lot of transplants that are on this board, and I'm sure you know how being uprooted feels. Believe me when I say that this is the first time I have seen the local team do this sort of thing, and as from the above post, I have been to a lot of arenas and football stadiums. Put yourself in my shoes... how would you feel if you went to the HSBC Arena in Buffalo on the last day of last season, took a solid 2 1/2 to 3 hours of harassment from the local fans, saw negative comments displayed on the video board about the state of North Carolina, and when they put up the out of town scoreboard hear several thousand fans cheer at the unfolding score of the Capitals game as they knock you out of the playoffs for a second straight year. Then, to top it off an usher asks you to "sit down and watch the game" while cheering your team on to a possible shutout while a drunken Sabres fan is screaming obscenities at you next to her less-than-8 year old child. I guess my point is: 1) Not all Sabres fans are terrible people, a lot of us come to the game to just cheer on our team and have no interest in getting into it. Being targeted because of the jersey I'm wearing and automatically assuming I'm the individual that "needs to sit down and watch the game" rather than the obviously intoxicated woman screaming obscenities at me or the other aforementioned cases is neither fair nor sporting. I paid for my ticket, same as you all. I should be able to cheer for my team positively and without such incidents. 2) The fan base seems to expect every Sabres fan to be a jerk, I hear it all of the time. We're not all jerks, there are a few bad apples, but what team doesn't have those? I contribute to the community of Raleigh as a professional, volunteer, and taxpayer. If you met me, you'd probably think I'm an alright guy. I'm in the trenches with Raleigh and cheer on the Wolfpack during the fall. Superdave, I might even take you up on that offer :-) 3) The RBC Center itself needs to stop with these silly messages on the video board about the city of Buffalo. Make positive comments about your team rather than negative comments about a place that probably at least 1/2 of the Caniac fans in attendance have never been to. Most of the individuals around me, when they weren't reminding me about the playoffs, would berate me on the basis of my hometown - whether from an economic, meteorological, or stereotypical standpoint. I consider that to be over-the-line. We're at a hockey game, argue with me about your team or my team, don't rip on my hometown incessantly. 4) When the out-of-town scoreboard comes up and the team you're playing is facing elimination, it isn't necessary to cheer for their probable demise. I highly doubt the thousands of cheers I heard were from Ranger fans last night in attendance. Similarly, on my way through the parking lot to my car, I don't need several reminders of the final score of that game nor reminders that my team had been officially eliminated. I had my iPhone, I know how to check the score, thank you. Again, thank you for your sympathies. And thank you for your suggestions for me to contact guest services. I have also been formulating an open letter to address this issue with them in the coming week. I wish your team luck in the postseason, the team certainly deserve to see the quarterfinals after the push they made. This year my team was not as lucky - first losing Vanek and then Miller for almost half of our season, considering I'm actually pleased that we were able to go to the 80th game still in playoff contention.
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