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  1. That's my sentiment also. I would think it would be in the Hurricanes favour to have a strong supporter base both in the North and South. Cosidering there isn't a seperate team in the south, Hurricanes should be considered a 'unified' team.
  2. The level of popularity is a big fat ZERO! We have so many other sports that have been around longer and hence have gained more popularity; Australian rules football, cricket, rugby(all very popular) and finally soccer. Ice hockey gets no coverage in the press or media. I think if Australia somehow wins the world championship then something it might get mentioned. I know of the Aussie roos but didn't know they got promoted. Thanks for the update. Very good news. I can't see them threatening anyone on the world stage but us Aussies are gutsy and we try hard. Good luck in the world championship in Switzerland this month. The USA hasn't won in how long?
  3. Thanks heaps. Well answered. Now I don't feel so ignorant.
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