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  1. Cole can't skate full speed into the crease and into Brodeur like that. It's something that is going to get called everytime. What do you want Marty to do, step out of the way and let Cole score? Of course he is going to put his hand up to protect himself. There is always going to be those scrums infroint of the net. If you don't want a hand in your face or if you can't handle it, backoff the goalie. It's not starting a fight, it is getting under the skin of the opponent. It's called playoff hockey, man up or as they say, shut up. There were calls Devils fans didn't like and calls Canes fans didn't like. Bottom line is the refs didn't go too far, let the players play, and didn't decide the game. It was a great game to watch and about time the devils exercised their demons and win a game in Carolina and in OT. All these years of everything going wrong it is great to see the devils work through failure and finally step up. One thing that I am surprised to see is the devils 1 for 15 or so on the PP. It's bound to get better sooner or later and that will take a lot of pressure of the devils 5v5. Holik might be out for game 4, I'd put in Rod Pelley.
  2. Eh, I think he might be streching the truth a little bit there. Maybe just a little bias from a canes blogger/fan/writter. It could have happened, I just doubt it.
  3. We make fun of Bobby all the time. The dude looks like Frankenstein.
  4. Attendence goes by tickets sold, not by how many people are in the building. Many Rangers fans and ticket brookers purchased tickets expecting a Devils Rangers series, which looked very possible. Makes sense because the cheapest tickets at MSG were at least $80. So, they were stuck with those tickets. That is a reason why some of the seats were empty. Part of the problem is that devils fans expect perfect hockey. We have made the playoffs 16 times in 17 years so the first round isn't anything special for us. The upper deck is loud its just the lower bowl prices out ($250+ per ticket) most of the rowdy fans I don't think any none devils fan, or even devils fans outside the area, understand how much we hate the rangers. rangers this rangers that. everybody is a rangers fan. rangers fans that live in NJ trade state loyalty for the big city. oh and by the way, its still 1994. That's just not true. Once in a while an idiot will say something but thats it.
  5. Guys, Langs is out games 3 and 4. There really gonna have to work for it now.
  6. Where you there? 228 was loud, I enjoyed starting a lot of the chants.
  7. Empty seats are because of the 3 lounges, the restaurant, and the goal bar are all open during play. Most of the lower bowl has access for them and if you saw the upper level, there wasn't an empty seat. It was indeed a sellout and it was VERY loud. I have been to a ton of games and the crowd was electric almost the entire game. One thing that gets me mad about the Devils brodcasts', is that microphones always tone down the crowd noise and it really grinds my gears knowing that the crowd sounds quiet.
  8. I was at the game last night. Langs getting hurt killed us he went down mid way through the second and that through our lines off big time. Ward came up huge for you guys, the Devils were missing by that much all night. Langs is going to miss game 3. It's going to be tough but I think it will be 2-2 going into the rock on Thursday. Very depressing seeing the GW goal go off our own defensemen.
  9. Ahh, I see. To each his own, I guess. I'm not one to swear up a storm, however seeing it doesn't bother me too much. Just to clairify, the Devils do not have official boards, all of the forums are fan run or operated independently. That might be one of the reasons they are not as strict.
  10. Dude, it is a devils board, were not going to say "Gee, Carolina is really going to put a hurtin on us. We might as well give up." Big deal, get a thicker skin. What 'swamps' do you speak of? Yeah, NJ is all OLD ITALIAN MEN just like NC is a bunch of hicks
  11. Eh, I'm here more so to defend the devs, not to go on attack and brag of home ice I don't think trolling 1v a lot would work well
  12. I know it was from the article, I wasn't going after anybody here. Its just been thrown around a lot and I don't think it is important. BTW, I don't read too much into the 24 goal difference from the defensemen simply because the Devils use forwards at the point of the PP, while the Canes use defensemen. Oh yes! The series is the Devils because Marty has a .03 better GAA!
  13. The Devils are not ice cold. They won four of their last five. One of the reasons the Devils struggled before that is because a very, very tight schedule with a ton of back to back games. Anyway, ending hot or cold at the end of the regular season doesn't really mean much because over the course of a 7 game series, the better team wins.
  14. Hey, I'm not trying to keep this going, only trying to say the devs don't play a trap. I have made other contributions to the thread too.
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