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  1. come on paradis your slacking buddy. dalpe as well. lawson looks good
  2. is mcbain gettin any pp time? who do you think the firstcalll up will bee. who would help us more right now bowman or sutter,
  3. yea i think rod lives around briar creek i see him at frankies alot
  4. i like dalpe i think he will be pretty good, he had solid numbers as a fresh on goof osu team. is dumuolin going to get top 4 min at BC? as of right now id think dalpe is ahead of paradis. remember dalpe was ranked in the 20's on most scouting reports and we were considering him in the first last year.
  5. i think scoring is the only problem, however our d will be much better because alberts is much better then babs and ward is much better than berg. since our d is better we wont need as many goals but i think our cycling will be better with a whole year in mo's system. i am worried about the pp.
  6. yea i also cant see jr saying that. i do feel like ruutu is worth this money. id take him iver gionta or antropov and both got more money.
  7. thats fine, by fill in i mean 4th line guy when someone else goes down. but i thought helminen was pretty good.
  8. if a player is playing in the ahl his salary does not count against cap.
  9. id be willing to bet the people who run this website have nothing to do with personel decisions.
  10. some of those are solid guys but carson aucoin gove dwyer helminen are just fill in guys. the everblades are always pretty good and have an AMAZING facility, so i can definatly see the guys improving down there.
  11. there is no way any of those guys play in florida. the Echl hardly ever produces NHL players. boychuk bowman sutter and mcbain will be in ahl or nhl next year. only murphy might go to florida and thats just so he can start 65 games instead of backing up peters in ahl. bellemore or terry might play in florida.
  12. also you guys will have sutter bowman boychuk mcbain lawson and murphy as options for albany next year. most of these will probably be in albany
  13. knuble replaced fedorov and kozlov. so that is not an upgrade really. flordia lost Jbo and replaced him with decent players so they did ok.
  14. but who can we trade that has value and is not going to leave a huge void? with 6 mil left to spend we can get ruutu and a solid d in free agency. backman or mckee would be decent
  15. i think the qmjhl has a ban on posting their stuff on youtube.
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