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  1. If somone could make one with Jokinen, Walker, And Bayde. Or tell me how to do it? Maybe put underrated canes in it Thank you
  2. It was a tough game to lose. We allowed the NJ defense to be camped out in front of brodeur so we got no good shots on rebounds. It takes good shots off of tough rebounds to score on marty. I beleive not having Sammy was huge. We were not able to go 4 lines deep like we were. I liked that Mo changed the lines up but i thnk it was just to get staal away from madden's line. I would like to see a few more changes to start game 6. Staal-whitney-cole, everyones pick Cullen-Larose- Ruutu Brindy-Walker-Eaves Joikinen-Samsonov-Bayda But i am not the coach so I am just thinking what i think may work. We need the same intensity on Sunday. We are Must Win NOW
  3. anyone else see the shoulder that brodeur was throwing???
  4. Great Game. Just a couple of points.. When corvo lost his stick it was alomost near the blue line. Go to give the stick and you give up a body in front of the goal. a forwand should have give up ther stick and gone to get another one or got another player in. We are in brodeurs head. We know how to beat him. He is trying everything he can to get a call. He is going to cheapen his legacy if he continues. all this talk about home refs i have heard from devils fan is ridiculus. In the playoffs the refs change and no one is a "home ref" i beleive we had Western Conference ref last nite...not sure. We need to come out with the same intesity tommorow nite as we did last nite. I havent seen us skate that fast or be that physical any this series.
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