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  1. Exactly. I have no respect for Chara after this series...the worlds biggest man-child, just look at his sneer when he sits his 7 ft self down on a poor 5ft 9 Hurricane. I too have never hoped for a player to be injured, but Boston has worked these refs so much that they are eating out of their hand(or cheap-net-knocked-away-goal). I hope we win just ot shut them up...it's like four Mick's out there reffing!
  2. Sweet...I will be at the game Tuesday! This could be fun...
  3. As long as Tripp, Johnny, and Chuck never start this, I think I like this guy...LOL!
  4. About your first paragraph-We always make one to many passes...something to consider...
  5. I agree hockeybaby, and Scorvo giving it right to Gionta. No one else agrees, but I think that really hurt.
  6. Wish I was lucky to have a "family" seat back in 06 against Buffalo...that Sabres drunkard spilled beer right on my team signed jersey :angry:
  7. I heard this on Mikes radio show last night, and I have to agree. Of course, we don't know how many people are actually up there, because they don't have to sit out front, and many tickets are pre-sold, and they don't have to be there.(They refers to ticket holders for the LCC). I personally think it is a bad idea...
  8. I was there last night, and wow, crazy game if I ever saw one. Until OT, of course, when we once again gave up a goal on the opponets first real chance, but that happenes a lot for us, Mo needs to address that. And the soon ot be infamous Cole penalty...terrible call!
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