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  1. Observations made concerning defensive errors/accountability are spot on. Seidenburgh, how in the world does he get abused by the same set up two games in a row? Defensive errors costed the 'Canes this game. Coming out in the 1st and forgetting to demonstrate the drive to put the B's away is unfathomable. It was really obvious that the boys were too tentative, and have acknowledged that. At least they have admitted this much. Ward did his part to keep the team within striking distance. It's a shame that the defensive awareness was not there to help him. The team did a great job at this in games 2-4, they need to get back to this part of the game. Had they converted one of the PP's in the 3rd, the 'Canes would have been in a position of strength to dictate the play. Boston has done a good job of taking away the 'Canes tendencies on the P P. An adjustment must be made to force Boston to chance their positioning. Game 7 in this series is a position no one expected the 'Canes to be in now. So, the boys have to look at it as if the pressure now returns to the B's, because it is on them. If the 'Canes will get back to bringing the speed through the neutral zone, they will taste success again. Ward will do his part in Game 7. Ward seems to excel in those situations, let's hope the rest of the team reciprocates! grinder
  2. Not to put too much influence on how tight the game was called, I did find it curious that a more strict enforcement was applied tonight. That was one difference from previous games in the series. I really think that the boys will get their game back on Tuesday, and the 'Canes will close the door on the B's. grinder
  3. Well...one thing for sure. It's hard to control things when one lets the other team do all the playing. The 'Canes did'nt force anything tonight, and by not making the B's react, instead of closing this thing out, now the B's will have the confidence they should not have. Walker gooned it up too much at the end, and Mo will have to replace him for at least one game for sure. Let's hope the boys deal with the ebb and flow of a series better in Game 6. Losing their discipline now will not help. The 'Canes have rebounded well from setbacks this postseason...I think they will rebound well again come Tuesday. The B's ride ends in Raleigh!! Go 'Canes!! grinder
  4. Many have wondered if the B's have yet to play their best game. I feel that the 'Canes have found out that focusing on playing their own game will make it harder for the B's to play their's. I don't think for a second that the B's won't bring the effort into Game 4, they have to. But, even more, I sense that the 'Canes have learned their lessons from Round 1, and they know that they cannot afford not to take advantage of the opportunity to put the Bruins in a real hole. The 'Canes have carried the play over the majority of the past two games, and I expect they will continue to get better as the series progresses, and carry the play more consistently. They are a well-grounded bunch who won't miss on the chance to gain some serious control in this series. On a side note, for those who were at the game last night and stayed for the "Stars of the Game" skate. Were you too , impressed by Jussi's salute to the fans as he skated around? His gesture of clapping as he skated out shows that the players know and appreciate us Caniacs and the support we bring. Keep on bringing it folks. I'm sure the 'Canes will too! Go Canes! grinder
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