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  1. Thank you everyone for all of the information. I will look into that Comfort Inn
  2. Ticket - $120ish Hotel - $70 4 1/2 hour drive 1 way + diesel - $100 Hmm so ~$400 with food and all for the best time of my life? May be worth it
  3. I'm looking at section 305 row D on ticketmaster.com. $100 for 1 ticket + $12.60 "convience" fee. That is alot but i really want to go!
  4. $85??? Come on RBC Center we are in a recession!!!!
  5. Welcome and what a great desktop! I cannot wait for this series to start. It's almost hard for me because I'm a die hard Caniac but most of my family was born/raised in Pitt so when we watch the games together it gets pretty intense. Anyway, I hope the best for both teams! Take care
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