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  1. Lehner wasn’t terrible against us that series. His biggest problem was his team couldn’t score. He only gave up 1 goal in Game 1. 2 goals in game 2, 3 goals in Games 3 and 4. He gave up a couple stinkers, especially in game 4, but they were already done by that point. Mrazek is good, but I feel that Lehner can play lights out, and flat out steal wins for us.
  2. You're referring to Mrazek's series vs the Isles? Because Mrazek only played 1 and a half games that series due to injury, although he did play well in the time he played. But between the two, Lehner's the better options, although we all kinda fell in love with Mrazek.
  3. I am very curious on what's going on behind the scenes. I'm surprised none of the top available goalies (Bob, Petr, Lehner) were interested in going to Calgary. I too am surprised that Lehner, who's the 2nd best option in UFA, hasn't already been snatched up. We already have Talbot to Calgary, Smith to Edmonton, Bob to Florida, and apparently Varlarmov to NYI. Up until today, I hadn't heard any link of Lehner possibly to Carolina, which makes me think this may have been an option all along, since the media is generally lazy when it comes to reporting Carolina rumors/news (unless it paints us in a negative light). Either way, the silence from Lehner's camp is very strange. Wonder if GMDW is remembering the Boston series, and is contemplating Mrazek long term vs Lehner. I guess tomorrow will answer all questions.
  4. I have resigned to the likelihood that Perry ends up here, especially if Williams doesn’t return. He’s the type of restoration player this franchise would go after.
  5. Guys, Lehner’s agents have publicly stated he wants to remain with NYI. We’d be better off with Griess.
  6. I think there's too much trade chatter going on surrounding our draft picks for something not to happen. It's pretty rare for a person from our FO to publicly state their willingness to trade a 1st rounder, normally the "we'll consider all options that make the team better" line. My guess is we don't go to the podium at #28. Also, makes it seem like they don't want to have it go to FA. Considering Duchene's (and maybe Pavelski) is the only UFA I have any interest in, I doubt Don will fork over the money he'll want. Here are my list of players GMDW is most likely to trade for: Ehlers (would offer Faulk/1st/B prospect) Kadri (Faulk straight up) Nylander (Faulk straight up) Perry (Insist Anaheim take Darling's contract) Turris (See Perry) Kessel (See Ehlers) Toronto, Nashville, Winnipeg, Tampa, Vegas, Pittsburgh are our bargain targets.
  7. I think a big potential reason you’re seeing these young players pushing for shorter term contracts like 4-5 yrs are because the cap keeps rising, and the salaries are getting higher. So by signing for 8 years, they see it as being able to get a higher salary after 4-5 years, so they’d be shorting themselves in the future. If the Hurricanes’ endgame is to sign an 8 year contract, they’re going to end up giving Aho a lot more than they probably want too.
  8. I think it’s in Washington’s best interest to go all out for a win tonight. There’s still a real possibility that NYI could win the Metro. NYI plays Florida tonight. If they win and WAS loses, then they both play each other Saturday, with the winner winning the Metro. Washington winning tonight will guarantee the division no matter what.
  9. Toronto can still get home ice in the 1st round. Granted, their remaining games are against us, TBL, and MTL. TOR has the row advantage over Boston.
  10. Ran into Erik Cole this morning at my bagel shop I go to every morning before work. Just wanted to say hi and ask what he thought our chances were. Wasn’t expecting the full analytical breakdown he gave me. It was like he was be interviewed by NHL network. He said we statistically have the hardest schedule of all teams in the hunt (I disagreed) by a small percentage. Said if we do make it, it’ll definitely be because we deserve it. He also echoed something myself and a few others have pointed out. He said he felt Columbus made too many changes, and he feels like it’s affecting the product on the ice. I think he thinks they’re the most vulnerable team.
  11. Pittsburgh is definitely the team to cheer for. As much as I would love it if they were the team to not make it in, they have too much veteran leadership and pride compared to the other teams to not make it. Our route into the playoffs is through Montreal or Columbus, likely Columbus due to Montreal having the easier schedule. Columbus not playing well, while having to go up against Pittsburgh x2, Boston x3, NYI x2, Calgary, Montreal, Nashville, and ourselves (Not to mention Edmonton who recently beat them 4-0) is our best chance to gain as much separation as possible.
  12. Think our schedule’s rough.... Look at Columbus’ next 7 games.
  13. Pittsburgh and Columbus play each other next.
  14. I’m going to laugh so hard if they end up missing the playoffs. Columbus doesn’t have an easy schedule ahead of them, and I question if they made too many moves to mess up their chemistry.
  15. Apparently they got some crazy good prospect for him.
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