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  1. I tried to google the answer for you, but I can't seem to come up with anything... Maybe I'm not using the correct terminology or something... I've always refered to them as "Boards" but is there a specific name for them possibly?
  2. fr0sty

    Car Flags...

    They sell all sorts of colors... Red, Black, Clear, White, etc... Maybe use your blues ones, until you remember to pick up a diffrent color next time your out. Just make sure they are tight... if you leave them loose, you'll regret it! Bye bye car flag... What was your idea? It might actually be better
  3. fr0sty

    Car Flags...

    Got my red car flag... ManWolf sent me a package in the mail the other day that included a Red Car Flag, 1st round Playoff Rally Towel, and a couple posters my daughter immediately claimed as her's... Great guy, huge props! He shipped them to my door, and wouldn't even let me refund shipping... He did it smart too, by not adding a return sender address, so I couldn't even mail a couple dollars to him to cover shipping. A great guy!
  4. I'd like it if they brought Commodore back.... plus resign Jussi, and LaRose
  5. How are you going to take part of my quote and then question my fan-hood? Really...??
  6. No worries... The boys will come out in game 4, hanging on for dear life, and they'll play their best playoff hockey yet. They know it's live for another day now, ant maybe thats the spark the team needs. They are tired. I'd be tired too, after getting mauled by Boston, then facing a red hot Pens team. Just show up, and support... thats all we as fans can do NEVER GIVE UP!!! Quit saying it's over... we've got at least 1 more game, if not 4
  7. fr0sty

    Car Flags...

    lol, I hear ya... I've seen them on the interstate before. Wanna know the trick? Remove the little plastic "C" clip, and zip tie it to the stick. Almost impossible for them to fly away
  8. ya know I'm scheduled for surgery next wednesday... maybe I should wear my Canes clothing too. Possibly start a new trend in eastern NC hospitals surgery wards... Tell ya what... if we pull off a win tonight, you can bet I'll wear my stuff with pride next week, hopefully starting a new trend! hope the hand gets better soon!
  9. thanks for the heads up guys... Don't get the wrong idea, not like I'd stalk them for auto's when they are out with friends/family. But I don't see anything wrong with my kids meeting their fav. players if we bump into each other while out to eat or anything...
  10. They are just upset, looking for an excuse why they lost the game. And they have every right to be upset... being down 3-0 and coming back is quite a chore... Then to have OT at your fingertips, and to lose it with .02 seconds... man oh man, that goal was heaven!!! I was jumping up and down on the bed, even woke the wife up...lol
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