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  1. Yes, IIRC from 2006, they waited until we had clinched Round 2 before sending out Round 3 and 4 tickets, because they print the SCFinals tickets on nice commemorative stock. Even though we had home ice advantage that year and started Round 3 at home, we won the 2nd round in 5 games, so they had about a week to ship out all the tickets. They probably wouldn't have waited until the end of Round 2 this season with it going 7 games, but since they knew we would be starting Round 3 on the road, they again have about a week to ship out the tickets.
  2. I'd be willing to bet your situation was a case where we had to hold a certain number of tickets for the player families of the visiting team to use, and you got lucky and happened to be online when those tickets were dumped back into the ticketmaster system. Those games against Buffalo were packed to the gills, even if hundreds (or maybe thousands, if you listen to a Buffalo fan tell the story ) of tickets were bought by Sabres fans.
  3. Well, I know they get paid in the NFL for post-season games, because Peter King's MMQB article 2 weeks ago broke it down for a couple of Patriots players over the last 10 years. If you want to call that "shares" instead of getting paid, that's fine. But like I said, it is a fraction of what they make in the regular-season. I'll admit the NFL is a bit different too because of their non-guaranteed contract situation. If the guy who posted about a $6.5 million playoff pool that is distributed to the players is correct, that makes some sense.
  4. I'll defer to you then, you seem to be pretty adamant about that. If that is truly the case, sounds like the NHL needs a stronger players union or collective bargaining agreement, because that is a hell of a lot of wear-and-tear to put on your body (I think it's generally agreed that the Stanley Cup playoffs are the most grueling post-season in sports) to not make a red cent until possibly the Finals. The NFL pays players a set amount for their playoff games ($20,000 or so for wild card or divisional games, roughly $35,000 for conference championships, and $40-45,000 for a Super Bowl appearance, which is a fraction of what the stars earn during the regular season, but it's still something), seems strange that they would be the only league to do so. It's not like the money isn't there to pay them a small set amount for each playofff game, when ticket prices are almost doubling for these games.
  5. The players are not playing for free in the playoffs, that much you can be assured of. No one in their right mind would play almost 2 months, potentially 28 games, and not receive any compensation whatsoever. I would think it's like most other professional sports, though, the money these guys get in the playoffs is usually significantly less than their regular season pay. It is usually a set amount that each team gets per game, and then they divide it equally among the players. So, in a sense, they are mostly playing for the pursuit of the cup.
  6. Yeah, somebody did pony up for a local Carolinas sports channel that did almost exactly what you are describing (except it didn't show Hurricanes games because Fox Sports already had a deal with them). It was called C-SET, and it ran for about 15 months, during the Bobcats first year in Charlotte, and it failed MISERABLY!!! Bob Johnson, the Bobcats owner, is still licking his wounds from that decision 3-4 years later, and it's one of the reasons the Bobcats are bleeding money, because they lost so much money trying to start up that network, rather than cut a deal with Fox Sports to broadcast the games (which they finally got done towards the end of Year 4......of course, they had to name their arena "Time Warner Cable Arena" in order to get the deal done). Long story short, what you are describing would never make any money in this market, certainly not as a local channel in the same vein as an ABC, CBS, NBC, etc....
  7. I'm guessing he just got his NBC games confused (Game 6 of Pittsburgh/Philly is Saturday, Game 6 of Washington/New York is set for Sunday). If the Rangers take the next two games and win in 5, I guess the Canes/Devils Game 6 would be bumped up to Sunday afternoon on NBC. Otherwise, we'd play at 7pm or 7:30pm on VS that night. That makes the most sense.
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