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  1. Great turnout tonight, Caniacs!!! Well done! I was able to get high fives from many of the boys tonight, including the man of the hour, Mr. Scott Walker!
  2. Killing time while waiting for the Canes plane to leave the ground in Mass by reading the Bill Simmons chat. Thanks for posting the link, Mike! This is classic: Bill Simmons: (9:09 PM ET ) Do you think the Heineken execs told their ad company, "Make us a commercial where it seems like designated driving is the most fun thing ever?" Bill Simmons: (9:10 PM ET ) If it was a real life ad, the guy would be driving while the girl in the passenger's seat threw up out the window and two people were dry humping in the backseat.
  3. Here you go: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/PCE3941''>http://flightaware.com/live/flight/PCE3941' target="_blank">http://flightaware.com/live/flight/PCE3941[/post] The page will update with their return flight info later tonight, once the flight plan is filed. I WILL be there tonight, white Cole jersey and a Jaguar convertible, ready to celebrate!!!
  4. Great clips, coastal! I did think Chara had been shot by someone in the stands from the expression on his face as he went down. <_<
  5. Thanks! After the Canes DO win, we will finnish off the night right! No need for Smilin Bob (but damn, his sig lines are funny! ), my wife calls me Smilin Mike.
  6. We have a Jr. Hurricane as well. 11 year old goalie.
  7. I also loved Jussi's quote yesterday about the stick to Chara's leg, "You saw it. He rolled around on the ice for 5 minutes, and then played the next shift." Reminds me of a toddler who falls but only gets a wounded pride, and starts crying their eyes out. As soon as they realize that nobody is going to pay any attention to them, they stop crying, get up, and go right back to playing. <_<
  8. Today is my anniversary, so...... my wife bought 3 5th row tickets for us in 103!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It's on, baby!
  9. floydm


    All good slogans, just lose the political symbols from the signs and EVERYONE will be happy. <_<
  10. Great turnout, Caniacs! That was one bunch of happy players heading out in their cars. "Good times will set you free!" - Jimmy Buffett
  11. Their plane is in the air, and is estimated to arrive at RDU around 1:00 am. Could be a bit earlier than that. Info courtesy of Flightaware: http://flightaware.com/live/flight/PCE3939 I'm only 10 minutes away, so I think I'll leave the house now. Wow!!!
  12. There were initially 3 potential games scheduled for Sunday. Vancouver eliminated the Blues, so there are now only 2 games possible, the Canes/Devils and Caps/Rangers if needed. The Rangers could end that series by winning tonight and Friday, leaving us as the only game played on Sunday. NBC has first rights to broadcast a game in the afternoon. Versus gets the second pick. NBC will obviously take the Rangers/Caps game for the higher ratings of NYC, if that game is played. That means we get the evening time slot on Versus. If there is only 1 game played, then it will be on NBC, in the afternoon. It's very likely that we won't know Sunday's game time until the Caps win another game, ensuring a Game 6 for them, or the Rangers win tonight and Friday, ending that series in 5.
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