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  1. awesome season Canes! Cam- some of the best goal tending i've ever seen. Team- Best comeback i've EVER seen with .02 secs to go.... absolutely fantastic! The reaction of Brodeur- Priceless! *edit* Priceless. ROFL!
  2. Guys, y'all gotta wake up, get it going, then keep it going. AND please (OMG) get deep. someone's gotta go to the crease for the rebound. i'm sick and tired of the way we've been playing so far in this series. at times it looks like we shouldn't even have made it this far in the playoffs. the penguins aren't better than us! yeah, they've got one extra goal scorer than we do, but that can be overcome (thanks, Cam). both teams are young and fast, but we've got to work on our mental sharpness. too many times during the game we actually made it to the goal, but didn't have enough mental snap to take advantage of the rebound.... gotta get quicker to see if we can take advantage of one of those crazy rebounds. We gotta play OUR game!!!!!
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