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  1. Ya know... that's what's been bothering me about this team. We show flashes of brilliance which make us look awesome, and yet, we have nights like tonight where we don't look like we even care that we're in the playoffs. Ward was good but he kinda relaxed a couple times..... which you CAN'T do as a goalie... EVER. Also, I think speed is our greatest asset, and yet, we seem like we have taken too long to set things up and given Thomas plenty of time to react to what we were doing. Thomas is a good goalie, so we can't take all day to set things up. In hockey, plays and goals happen in an instant. We need to be alert and in the game at all times. I didn't see much of that tonight.... Okay, that's my rant for now. My head hurts.
  2. Game 7 is my wallpaper now on my PC.... until (hopefully) we win the cup that is.
  3. I want Chicago to win this one.... but I don't think they will. The Canucks have a good team and will probably beat Chicago in 5 or 6 maybe. I'm gonna go with almost everyone else and say the Canucks in 6.
  4. I'm in Tallahassee.... we used to have a hockey team called the Tiger Sharks, and I got into hockey about the time they were around. They eventually moved to a couple other cities, and I'm like one of 5 hockey fans in this town now. I'm very sure I'm the only Hurricanes fan in this town.
  5. I dunno. If I remember right, Cam Ward was a rookie the year we won the cup.... so don't be counting on rookie mistakes. Personally, I think it'll come down to momentum and speed.
  6. The feeling is mutual. I used to live in New York and used to work tech support dealing with people from New Jersey..... and I REALLY have a strong dislike for Jersey people. Therefore..... this Canes fan returns the 2 fingers... and adds two to make 4.... one for each goal we scored that night.
  7. Hmmm this one should be interesting. I think the Caps have a good momentum boost and may take the first or second game, however, I think the Penguins will ultimately win this one..... I'm gonna say 4-2 for the series.
  8. Thanks. I Wish I wasn't an out of stater. I'd like to be there with all the real fans and celebrate with them. Most people down here don't care that much about hockey. Just know I'm there in spirit.... and I'm watching the games when I can. And nothing against the Bruins (I'm glad they eliminated the Canadiens), but they stand in our way and therefore must be eliminated. No hard feelings I hope (no matter which way it goes).
  9. Well, up until the end a lot of people thought Jersey was going to win and move on. It's kind of like a shock that suddenly the Canes not only tied it in the last 2 minutes, but won at the end. It's even a shock to me...... but all the hand gestures in the world doesn't change the fact that the Canes still win.
  10. You left out my personal favorite: "I HAVE MORE CARS.... THAN MOST OF YOU HAVE FRIENDS!"
  11. I like it. I'm sure that over time, it's gonna become a great picture site for all hurricanes fans. ANd yeah, I REALLY wanna get a couple of the playoff pics in there.
  12. Only one song comes to mind for the Hurricanes.... "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey. Even when we were down in the playoffs and things looked hopeless...... the Canes didn't stop believing and they came back and won. DON'T STOP BELIEVING, CAROLINA!
  13. I'll go along with the Nature Boy and say .... WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  14. Wow.... for a while it looked like we might not pull this one off.... Yet at the end, with barely over a minute..... WE WIN! I can't believe it. So now, we got our eyes on the cup and not looking back! GO CANES!
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