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  1. I decided not to put an image tag on the picture, but provided a link instead. I'll explain. ESPN highlights showed Staal and his teammates celebrating the game winning goal by the glass. An angry Devil chick fan gave him the finger with both hands. http://i720.photobucket.com/albums/ww206/MountQ/finger.jpg Note to mod: If the image is ok, you can add the image tags to the link so the picture will show up on the forum. It's about 20K. Good luck. The 'Canes are my favorite team other than the Ducks, and I was very happy to see you beat Edmonton after they beat us three years ago. Hopefully we will be adversaries in three weeks, but for now, enjoy the win. You deserve it! As long as your cardiology report is still stable...
  2. Sorry, I live in the area but I'm a Duck fan, but the Canes are my next favorite team! Are you a marine or a family member of one from Pendleton?
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